Lilly Kane (Fatal Fury)

Lilly Kane (Fatal Fury)

is the kid sister of Billy Kane in the "Fatal Fury" video game.

She only appears in the "Fatal Fury" series as a background character (she can be seen during Joe Higashi's ending in "Fatal Fury 3" and in Billy's ending in "Real Bout Fatal Fury") and only appeared as an Alternate Striker in "The King of Fighters 2000" for Hinako. Lilly appears for the first time as a playable character in ""

Lilly, like her brother, is originally from England, but the two immigrated to the United States; eventually taking up residence in Southtown. Lilly later returned to the United Kingdom with him, seeking peace. Lilly is a kind and warm-hearted girl who likes the laundry business and loves her brother. She is currently dating Muay Thai kickboxer Joe Higashi, one of Billy's sworn enemies. There is indication that she is not aware that her brother is a criminal, much less has worked for crime boss, Geese Howard.

In ', Lilly is happy about being back in their hometown in England and at last living in peace, without worrying about fighting. However, one morning she wakes up to discover that Billy has not only returned to the United States, but has travelled back to Southtown for a fight. Angry and worried about her brother, Lilly decides to go to Southtown to bring Billy back home. In this game, she's nicknamed "The Lighthearted Launderer"'. She shows up in Billy's ending, throwing a tantrum at him.

Although not foreseen as a fighter, there is indication that Lilly took up staff fighting; most likely being trained by her older brother who she loves very much. But, unlike her brother's staff, she uses a laundry drying pole. Also, many of her moves are ice based as opposed to her brother, who uses fire attacks. Most of her moveset is copied directly from Billy, however, some modification makes her a more versatile attacker. However her 3 star DoA thrashing requires the enemy to attack her, which greatly limits the range of her 100 damage attack.

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