Northwestern Iranian

Northwestern Iranian

The Northwestern Iranian languages are a branch of the Western Iranian language group, spoken by about 40-50 million people in southwest Asia; They are classified into about 9 groups; each group in this list contains subgroups, dialects or individual languages, eventually forming 53-54 branches.

A notable old Iranian language in this group is Median; a notable Middle Iranian language in this group is Parthian


Balochi language includes: Southern Balochi, Northern Balochi, Eastern Balochi.

And also:

Central Iran
  • Ardestani dialect
  • Ashtiani language
  • Dari (Zoroastrian)
  • Gazi dialect
  • Khunsari dialect
  • Khur va Biabanak dialect
  • Natanzi dialect
  • Nayini dialect
  • Parsi
  • Sivandi Dialect
  • Soi dialect
  • Vafsi dialect
Kurdic languages
Khalaj language (Iranic)
Tatic languages
  • Alviri-Vidari language
  • Eshtehardi language
  • Gozarkhani language
  • Harzani language
  • Kabatei language
  • Kajali language
  • Karingani dialect
  • Khoini dialect
  • Koresh-e Rostam dialect
  • Maraghei dialect
  • Razajerdi dialect
  • Rudbari dialect
  • Shahrudi dialect
  • Takestani dialect
  • Talysh language
  • Upper Taromi language


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