Haulanuiaiakea was the 2nd Alii Aimoku of Kauai. He ruled as titular King or chief of Kauai. He was a chief of the Nanaulu line being grandson of Mulielealii and great-grandson of Maweke.

The second son of Moikeha was Haulanuiaiakea. His father had once resided on Tahiti. He followed his father in the supremacy of Kauai. On the exploits and achievements of the Kauai sovereigns and chiefs during this period the ancient legends are very incomplete. His cousin was Elepuukahonua, King of Oahu, whose dynasty was also overthrown after a few generation although this occurred later on in the days of Haka on Oahu.

After Haulanuiaiakea's death, the line of sovereigns or Mois seems to have been kept, without exception, in that branch of the Laamaikahiki family which descended through his second son, Ahukini-a-Laa. How the dynastic differences between the older and powerful Puna and Maweke families, separately or jointly through Moikeha's children, and the comparatively later Laa-maikahiki descendants, were settled so as to confirm the sovereignty in the line of the latter, I have found no record of. Certain it is that the lines of Moikeha had not become extinct, for their scions were referred to in much later times as enjoying a degree of tabu and consideration which greatly enhanced the dignity of the Ahukini-a-Laa descendants when joined with them in marriage. There is no complete genealogy of his descendants, but it was universally conceded that Kapoleikauila, the wife of Kalanikukuma, a descendant of Laa-mai-Kahiki's second son, Ahukini-a Laa, was the lineal descendant of Haulanuiaiakea. It probably was so, for it is undeniable that that union increased immensely the tabu and aristocratic rank of Kalanikukuma's two sons, Kahakumakalina and Ilihewalani.


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