Holidays in Taiwan

Holidays in Taiwan

List of holidays and festivals observed in Republic of China (Taiwan). Includes both official holidays defined by Taiwanese government and traditional holidays.

Gregorian calendar
DateEnglish NameLocal NameRemarks
January 1Founding Day _zh. 開國紀念日Founding of Republic of China on January 1, 1912
February 4 or 5Farmer's Day _zh. 農民節Marks beginning of spring
February 28Peace Memorial Day _zh. 和平紀念日 228 Incident on February 28, 1947
March 8Women's Day _zh. 婦女節
March 12Arbor Day _zh. 植樹節Sun Yat-sen's passing on March 12, 1925
March 29Youth Day _zh. 青年節Commemorates revolutionary Tenth Uprising in 1911
April 4Children's Day _zh. 兒童節
April 5Tomb Sweeping Day _zh. 清明節Traditional Chinese holiday
May 1Labor Day _zh. 勞動節
May 4Literary Day _zh. 文藝節Commemorates May Fourth Movement
May (second Sunday)Mother's Day _zh. 母親節
June 3Opium Suppression Movement Day _zh. 禁煙節Commemorates burning of opium in the First Opium War of 1839
August 8Father's Day _zh. 父親節
September 3Armed Forces Day _zh. 軍人節Honors the armed forces of the ROC
September 28Teachers' Day _zh. 教師節Confucius' Birthday
October 10Double Tenth Day _zh. 國慶日Wuchang Uprising on October 10, 1911
October 21Overseas Chinese Day _zh. 華僑節
October 25Taiwan Retrocession Day _zh. 台灣光復節Japan relinquishes control of and returns Taiwan to the Republic of China October 25, 1945
November 12Sun Yat-sen's Birthday _zh. 國父誕辰紀念日Also Doctors' Day and Cultural Renaissance Day
Winter solsticeDōngzhì Festival _zh. 冬至節
December 25Constitution Day _zh. 行憲紀念日Coincides with Christmas, and anniversary of the 1947 ROC Constitution

Lunar calendar
1st day of 1st lunar monthChinese New Year _zh. 春節Based on Chinese calendar
15th day of 1st lunar monthLantern Festival _zh. 元宵節Based on Chinese calendar
15th day of 1st lunar monthTourism Day _zh. 觀光節Based on Chinese calendar
2nd day of 2nd lunar monthEarth God's Birthday _zh. 土地公誕辰Based on Chinese calendar
19th day of 2nd lunar monthKuan Yin's Birthday _zh. 觀音誕辰Based on Chinese calendar
15th day of 3rd lunar monthGod of Medicine's Birthday _zh. 保生大帝誕辰Based on Chinese calendar
23rd day of 3rd lunar monthMatsu's Birthday _zh. 媽祖誕辰Based on Chinese calendar
8th day of 4th lunar monthBuddha's Birthday _zh. 佛誕日Based on Chinese calendar
5th day of 5th lunar monthDragon Boat Festival (Duan Wu Festival) _zh. 端午節Based on Chinese calendar
13th day of 5th lunar monthKuan Kung's Birthday _zh. 關公誕辰Based on Chinese calendar
13th day of 5th lunar monthCheng Huang's Birthday _zh. 城隍誕辰Based on Chinese calendar
7th day of 7th lunar monthChi Hsi Festival _zh. 七夕Based on Chinese calendar
15th day of 7th lunar monthGhost Festival _zh. 中元節Based on Chinese calendar
15th day of 8th lunar monthMid-Autumn Festival (Moon Festival) _zh. 中秋節Based on Chinese calendar
9th day of 9th lunar monthDouble Ninth Festival _zh. 九九重陽節Based on Chinese calendar
15th day of 10th lunar monthSaisiat Festival _zh. 賽夏節Pas-taai Festival of the Saisiat tribe

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* Public holidays in the Republic of China
* Traditional Chinese holidays

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