King Siliwangi

King Siliwangi

Siliwangi is a legendary Sunda king who bring his kingdom the greatness and welfare.


Some historians have an opinion that Siliwangi is derived from Sundanese words of "Silih Wangi", meaning a descendant of King Wangi. Based on this verison, King Siliwangi is a grandchild of King Wangi. King Wangi alias King Lingga Buana is a Sunda king who, based on Kidung Sunda, died in Majapahit kingdom in 1357 AD against the betrayal of Majapahit. The tragedy was started with the intention of Hayam Wuruk, Majapahit king, to marry Diah Pitaloka, a daughter of King Lingga Buana. The Sunda royal family came to Majapahit, through Java Sea, to marry his daughter with Hayam Wuruk. But, in their way to Majapahit pallace, the Sunda royal family was attacked by Majapahit army in Bubat. As a result there was an unfair fight between the Sunda royal family and Majapahit army. The Sunda royal family defended their lives to death for the sake of honor instead of surrendering to Majapahit. After his death, King Lingga Buana was named King Wangi (lit. very honorable king) because of his heroic act against Majapahit. His descendants with the same quality of greatness were called Silihwangi (lit. successor of Wangi).

Some other historian have an opinion that Siliwangi is derived from Sundanese word of "Asilih Wewangi", meaning changing title.

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