Line lock

Line lock

A line lock is a device that allows you to lock the front brakes independently of the rear brakes via a switch. [] , Installing a Brake Line-Lock.] [] , What is a line lock.] [] , Installing a Line lock.] [] , Line-lock systems.] [] , additional text.] The device is an electric solenoid that controls a valve which is placed on the front brake line, and is controlled by a switch. Normally, the valve is open and allows fluid to pass through to the front brakes as usual. However, when the brakes are applied and the solenoid is activated, the valve closes to trap the fluid in the front brakes keeping them applied until the switch is released.


Drag racing often used cars with manual transmission as the drivers' had more control of acceleration and so could accelerate faster. The problem that occurred was, that, when on the start line the drivers would keep their feet on the accelerator pedal and clutch pedal to get the fastest start, but if the track was not perfectly flat or if the clutch had any drag at all, they would roll over the start line and lose the race. The line lock was invented to solve this problem - with one, they could have their left foot on the clutch, their right foot on the accelerator and their hand on the brake. Its name is derived from the fact that is 'locks' the car onto the starting line.


Line locks are often used for burnouts by fully locking the front wheels and then accelerating, this makes the rear tyres spin but keeps the car stationary. "See: Burnout"

Although less common, rolling burnouts can be achieved with modified line locks by proportionally increasing the front brake pressure and the throttle to keep the car at a steady speed. This makes the rear tyres slip and spin faster than the front tyres and burnout.Fact|date=July 2008

Line locks are sometimes used to stop the car rolling off start lines so the driver can keep their feet on the accelerator and clutch pedals.

Additionally, line locks can be installed on the rear brake lines. Therefore when the line lock is activated, you prevent fluid pressure to be transferred to the rear allowing the rear wheels to spin freely while the front brakes can be controlled with the brake pedal. This allows one to creep at varying speeds while maintaining a burnout. Manipulating the pedals to achieve such a burnout requires slightly more skill though as you must initiate the burnout by having your left foot on the clutch and your right foot on both the brake and gas pedal. You must hold the brakes while revving up the engine then release the clutch while continuing to hold the brakes. Once the rear tires start spinning you can then use your left foot to control the brakes while using your right foot to control the throttle.The only main advantage for such a setup would be the ability to maintain a burnout at low speeds, and to reduce the wear on the rear brakes while doing a burnout. Such an application would only be beneficial for show purposes such as drifting exhibitions or just for fun. []


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