Fishing sinker

Fishing sinker

A sinker or a plummet is a weight used in fishing to force a lure/bait to sink more rapidly or to increase the distance that it may be cast. The ordinary plain sinker is made of lead, shaped round like a pipe-stem, and swelling out in the middle. There are loops of brass wire on either end to attach the line. The weight is from a quarter of an ounce for trout fishing up to a couple of pounds or more for sea bass and porgies.

The use of smaller lead based fishing sinkers has now been banned in the UK, Canada and some states in the USA [ ] , the reason being lead may cause toxic lead poisoning if ingested. This has led to many waterbird deaths and unknown numbers of deaths in other aquatic organisms. [ ]

The swivel sinker is similar to the plain one, except that instead of loops, there are swivels on each end to attach the line. This is a decided improvement, as it prevents the line from twisting and tangling. In trolling, swivel sinkers are indispensable. The slide sinker, for bottom fishing, is a leaden tube which allows the line to slip through it, when the fish bites. This is an excellent arrangement, as the fisherman can feel the smallest bite, whereas in the other case the fish must first move the sinker before the fisherman feels him. Split shot are sometimes put on trout lines in place of a sinker. Independent swivels are useful in some kinds of fishing to prevent the entanglement of the line.

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