Wallonian SME finance and guarantee company

Wallonian SME finance and guarantee company

The Wallonian SME finance and guarantee company (French: "Société Wallonne de Financement et de Garantie des Petites et Moyennes Entreprises" or SOWALFIN) was founded by the Walloon Region in 2002 to provide capital to the Walloon Small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The purpose of the SOWALFIN is to invest in the equity of unlisted companies (private equity). The SRIW acts either by purchasing shares of SMEs, by increasing the capital of the business, by subscribing to a bond issue, or by granting subordinated or convertible loans.

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* [http://www.diplobel.org/USA/TradeInvestment/Publications/Financial.pdf Facts from Belgium]

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* [http://www.sowalfin.be/info.php SOWALFIN]
* [http://www.investinwallonia.be/ofi-belgium/accueil.php Invest in Wallonia]

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