Studio album by Leah Dizon
Released August 20, 2008
Genre J-pop
Language Japanese, English
Label Victor Entertainment
Leah Dizon chronology
Destiny Line (2007) Communication!!!
CD + DVD cover
Singles from Communication!!!
  1. "Love Paradox"
    Released: March 26, 2008
  2. "Vanilla"
    Released: June 25, 2008

Communication!!! is the second studio album by American-born Japanese pop singer Leah Dizon. It was released on September 12, 2007 by Victor Entertainment. Dizon herself also wrote or co-wrote 10 of the tracks, along with composing 2 herself. It was released in a CD-only and CD + DVD format and it includes the title tracks from her two latest singles, Love Paradox and Vanilla, as well as two b-sides.[1][2][3][4]

According to one press release, Lost At Sea and BxKxRxxx' are said to be rock tunes, "her first".[5]

It is Dizon's last recording before announcing her marriage and pregnancy in October 2008 on her Communication!!! Album Tour several days after the wedding.[6][7]

CD track listing

No. Title Writer(s) Arranger(s) Length
1. "Step Into My World"   Leah Dizon, Mika Arata, Kōtarō Egami Ha-J 4:32
2. "Love Paradox"   Dizon, Arata, Yuhki Shirai, Philippe-Marc Anquetil & Christopher Lee-Joe & Darren Monson & Thomas Volmer Jensen BNA Productions 3:36
3. "Love Sweet Candy"   Dizon, Arata, Shirai, Kana Atoshi Hidaka 3:25
4. "Without a Good-Bye"   Dizon, Shirai, Anquetil & Karl Guner & Hanne Sørvaag BNA Productions, Karl Guner 3:30
5. "Vanilla"   Dizon, Arata, Ha-J, Yoshihiko Chino Ha-J 4:05
6. "Nothin' to Lose"   Dizon, Hiro Hiro 3:33
7. "Lost at Sea"   Dizon, Chino Chino 5:23
8. "Communication!!!"   Leah Dizon, Yoshiaki Fujizawa Fujizawa 3:43
9. "Not Too Bad"   Hiro Hiro 3:51
10. "BxKxRxxx"   Shirai, Dizon, Chino Ha-J, Chino 3:51
11. "Under the Same Sky"   Dizon, Arata, Shirai, Hisashi Nawata, Emi Miyamoto Hisashi Nawata 3:54
12. "Thank You"   Dizon, Shirai, STY STY 4:01

DVD Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "Under the Same Sky (music video)"    
2. "Under the Same Sky (Tokyo Prom Queen Version)"    
3. "Under the Same Sky (making video)"    
4. "Vanilla (music video)"    
5. "Sweet Vanilla Shot!"    
6. "Love Paradox (music video)"    
7. "Hong Kong Tour Live & Off Leah's Cut"    


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