Eucrypta chrysanthemifolia

Eucrypta chrysanthemifolia

name = "Eucrypta chrysanthemifolia"

image_width = 230px
regnum = Plantae
divisio = Magnoliophyta
classis = Magnoliopsida
ordo = Solanales
familia = Hydrophyllaceae
genus = "Eucrypta"
species = "E. chrysanthemifolia"
binomial = "Eucrypta chrysanthemifolia"
binomial_authority = (Benth.) Greene

"Eucrypta chrysanthemifolia" is a species of flowering plant in the waterleaf family known by the common name spotted hideseed. It is native to the southwestern United States and adjacent Baja California, where it can be found in a number of habitats from coast to mountain to desert. This is one of two species of "Eucrypta", which are sticky, aromatic annual herbs. This species produces an erect to leaning stem well over half a meter in maximum height. The leaves are roughly oval in shape but are intricately divided into many lobes which are subdivided into many smaller lobes, making the leaf lacy in texture. Leaves higher up on the stem have fewer dissections. The inflorescence holds a number of small flowers which droop as they grow heavier with the developing fruit. Each flower is less than a centimeter long and generally whitish in color. The fruit is a bristly capsule about 3 millimeters wide.

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