Knee Deep In The North Sea

Knee Deep In The North Sea


Released on Babel Vortex label, November 2007.

2008 Mercury Music Prize Nominated.

Best Jazz Album of 2007 - Time Out.


Recorded and Mixed at Livngston Studios, London on 7th, 8th, 9th February and 6th, 7th, 8th August 2007
Produced by Portico Quartet
Co-Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Sonny.
Assisted by Kevin James Feazey and Simone Filiali
Mastered by Andrew Tulloch at The Blue Studio, London
Executive Producers Oliver Weindling and Will Gresford
Design, Artwork and collages by Duncan Bellamy
Photograph by Matt Crossick

Track listing

All tracks composed, arranged and performed by Portico Quartet

1. "News From Verona" – 4:24
2. "(Something's Going Down on) Zavodovski Island" – 4:22
3. "Knee-Deep In The North Sea" – 4:52
4. "Too Many Cooks" – 5:32
5. "Steps In The Wrong Direction" – 6:09
6. "Monsoon: Top To Bottom" – 4:14
7. "The Kon Tiki Expedition" – 4:29
8. "Cittàgazze" – 4:47
9. "Pompidou" – 3:08

(Hidden Track: "Prickly Pear" - 5:47)

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