Water (Lexx)

Water (Lexx)

In the television series "LEXX", the fictional planet "Water" is the afterlife for all good souls, and the location for much of Season 3. It shares an atmosphere and a tight mutual orbit with Planet Fire, which is the afterlife for all evil souls. Like its counterpart Planet Fire, the souls on Water have no memory of how they arrived there; they simply "woke up" there one day. The nature and names of "Fire" and "Water" may be a nod to Philip José Farmer's "Riverworld".

The planet Water consists almost entirely of water (presumably fresh water, because it is often referred to as being drinkable). It may not even have a solid core; in one episode Kai sinks to the bottom of the ocean of Water, but never reaches a solid floor. Instead, when he reaches the center of the planet he rematerializes on the surface, in the settlement of Gametown. On the way down, Kai passes many souls of the good, presumably sinking through the ocean while waiting for room to reincarnate on the surface of the planet.

The inhabitants of Water live in several large floating settlements, each of which seems to be centered around some particular pastime. During their stay on Water, the crew of the Lexx visit the settlements of Gametown, for those who like sports; Boomtown, for those who like sex; and Garden, for those who like gardening.

Life on Water seems to have been meant to be full of unmarred beauty and contentment, but this is shattered by frequent war parties from Fire, which arrive via hot air balloons through the planets' shared atmosphere, an idea floated in Bob Shaw's novels.

While Fire is ruled and in many ways physically controlled by Prince, Water does not appear to have a similar guardian.

Water is destroyed at the end of Season 3. After Xev commands the Lexx to destroy Fire, Prince is freed from his body. His spirit possesses the Lexx and destroys Water, finally ending the war between Fire and Water. As the Lexx looks for the nearest planet to feed on, it is revealed that Fire and Water were part of the Earth's solar system, following the same orbit as the Earth but on the other side of the Sun.


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