One of Us, One of Them

One of Us, One of Them
"One of Us, One of Them"
Heroes episode
Noah Sylar partners.jpg
Noah and his new partner deal with a hostage situation.
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 3
Directed by Sergio Mimica-Gezzan
Written by Joe Pokaski
Production code 303
Original air date September 29, 2008
Guest stars
Episode chronology
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"The Butterfly Effect"
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"I Am Become Death"
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"One of Us, One of Them" is the third episode of the third season of the NBC science fiction drama series Heroes and thirty-seventh episode overall. It was written by Joe Pokaski and directed by Sergio Mimica-Gezzan. The episode aired on September 29, 2008.



The episode opens with Angela Petrelli speaking with Sylar. She tells him that he is her son, stating that he knew all along he wasn't the son of a watchmaker. She tells him she gave him up for adoption, then calls in a woman named Bridget, who has the power to view the history and past of any object she touches, including who has touched it in the past. Sylar asks what she is going to do to him, and Angela tells him that she is going to feed him. The scene ends with Angela walking away down a corridor, and the familiar sound of Sylar splitting a skull open along with screaming.

The next scene opens with Tracy Strauss freezing the petals on a flower.

Nathan Petrelli waits impatiently for Tracy's arrival. Future Peter teleports into the room. Nathan asks him where his brother is, and Future Peter says he's looking for him. Nathan tells him about a phone message he received from Peter, with someone else's voice, warning him to be on the lookout for Future Peter.

Tracy travels to New Orleans to learn more about Niki Sanders, and there the funeral is about to begin. Tracy discovers Niki lying in a coffin and is startled at their resemblance. She closes the coffin and turns to leave, only to find Niki's now-orphaned son Micah standing behind her. Bewildered, Micah mistakes Tracy for Niki at first, but quickly realizes Tracy isn't his mother and, after they have a talk, he decides to help her. He uses his powers on a laptop and discovers that Tracy and Niki were born on the same day, in the same hospital and with the same doctor: a man named Zimmerman. Micah gives Tracy a hug goodbye, which for Tracy is awkward; Tracy then leaves to meet Zimmerman in California, so she can find out more about her past and origin.

The next scene opens with Knox, Flint, The German, and Jesse's body, which Present Peter is still inside. They walk into a bank, and begin robbing it. Flint scares the customers inside with his flame throwing ability, giving Knox strength. The German works on the combination to the safe, and Peter does his best to keep peace.

On Level 5, Angela and Noah Bennet discuss his terms. He says he is back to re-imprison Knox, Flint, Jesse and the German. When Noah asks for his old partner, The Haitian, Angela says he is unavailable, and pairs him with Sylar instead. She sends Noah and Sylar to defuse the hostage situation at the bank.

When the situation at the bank escalates, Bennet and Sylar arrive at the bank. During a heated discussion, Knox kills the German. The villains want to start killing people, but Peter, in Jesse's body, tries to stop them. Bennet enters the bank alone, making Sylar wait outside. Bennet prepares to apprehend Knox and Flint. The two get the upper hand on Bennet until Peter learns to control Jesse's power and pushes the two away with a loud scream. Suddenly time gets frozen by Future Peter. He releases the current Peter out of Jesse's body and invites Peter to come along with him to witness the future, and Peter agrees and they leave. When time returns to normal, Bennet thanks Peter (because he thinks Peter is still in Jesse's body), but the real Jesse says "Peter isn't here right now" and proceeds to attack Bennet. Sylar enters and uses his telekinesis to stop Knox from punching Bennet and to choke Jesse so he couldn't use his sound. Bennet arrests Flint and walks out of the bank. Sylar, however, is too tempted by the criminals' powers, and ultimately gives in to his "hunger," locking all the doors so he can kill Jesse. With Sylar focused on Jesse, Knox takes the opportunity to escape.

Hiro and Ando have a run-in with the Haitian while following Daphne. Hiro and Ando have a discussion with Daphne, who attempts to drive Hiro and Ando apart. Hiro and Daphne discover they can't use their powers anymore when the Haitian arrives. Hiro and Ando follow the Haitian, who gets the other half of the formula that could destroy the world from an unknown English-sounding woman. It is mentioned that the Haitian is now working for Angela, who wanted the formula closer to home. Hiro and Ando knock the Haitian out and get the formula, but Daphne manages to steal it from them. Hiro and Ando are unable to escape before the Haitian wakes up again. They are arrested and taken to Level 2 in the Company.

Claire seeks advice from Meredith. They train in an empty shipping container, and when Meredith asks why she wants to learn how to fight, Claire replies that she "wants to help people". Knowing that she is lying, Meredith "tortures" Claire by heating up the metal around them and reducing the level of oxygen until Claire admits that she wants to hurt Sylar for what he did to her. They return home where Sandra Bennet, after receiving a call from the school regarding Claire's whereabouts, confronts Meredith on how to raise Claire. Claire later discovers a box with files on super-powered people from her father (the same box Sylar went through in "The Second Coming") and sneaks away to track them down.

In Africa, Matt Parkman continues his spirit walk with the strange native who has precognitive painting powers, similar to those of Isaac Mendez. The native reveals that he has painted Matt's life ever since he was a boy. They reach the native's house, and Matt is shown numerous paintings of himself, mostly beginning from when he discovered his powers. The native tells him that one painting has to change. The native paints over an image of Matt with a woman (who distinctly resemble Daphne, the speedster Hiro is currently confronting) and a baby that has no longer come to pass, replacing it with a scene where Matt grieves over a dead woman he holds in his arms. Matt later wants to know what this all means, and the native invites Matt into his house, where Matt takes a seat and he is seen eating something that the native has given him. Matt tells the native that he does not feel anything. The native gives Matt his Walkman and says this will help. Matt's eyes then turn white and his pupils vanish, as when the native and Isaac Mendez use their power. Matt then begins to learn about the future.

Tracy arrives in California and visits Zimmerman at his home, where he mistakenly calls her "Barbara". Tracy corrects him, then asks if he knew her. Zimmerman replies "Know you? I created you."

At the company, Hiro and Ando are both in a cell, Flint is brought back to his cell, as is Sylar. Angela however refuses to give up on him and still believes Sylar can amount to something good. Bennet disagrees, and tells the Haitian that he is just trying to find Sylar's weakness, so he can eventually kill him.


In the 18-49 demographic, "One of Us, One of Them" earned a 4.4/10 ratings share. The episode was watched by 9.34 million viewers.[citation needed]


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