List of Ulster-related topics

List of Ulster-related topics

The territorial extent covered by the term Ulster may vary, reflecting the prevalent deep political and cultural divisions.

Political and paramilitary organizations, parties and movements having "Ulster" as part of their name are almost invariably on the Unionist side; military and police units having such names are often accused of a pro-Unionist bias. That is, however, not necessarily the case with names in other spheres including "Ulster". For example, Ulster sports associations and teams often form part of an all-Ireland structure and thus, while not overtly political, are favorably regarded by Irish Nationalists.



  • The divergent meanings of "Ulster" are reflected in divergent flags:


Sociological terms

    • Ulster-Scots, an ethnic group descended from mainly Lowland Scots who settled in the Province of Ulster.
    • Ulsterman/Ulsterwoman - in principle referring to any inhabitant of Ulster, in practice mainly used by the Unionist community.

Medieval history

17th Century History

Early Twentieth Century politics, military, police and paramilitary

Later Twentieth Century/current politics, military, police and paramilitary


Institutions and companies


Place-names elsewhere, originally named in honour of the Irish province


    • An ulster (lower case) - kind of overcoat manufactured by the Ulster Overcoat Company in Belfast, which Sherlock Holmes is depicted as wearing
    • An Ulster fry, a dish of various fried meats and breads popular throughout the province of Ulster
    • Ulster, a Brazilian punk band from the 80s.

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