The Warsangali (also Warsengeli or Warsingeli) ("Son of Mohamoud Harti") is a Somali clan of the Harti group, part of the Darod clan. In the Somali language, it means ""Bringer of good news" or those who have always delivered the good news.

The Warsengeli primarily inhabit the Maakhir State of northern Somalia which consists of Sanaag, Sool, Hay-laan and the northeast of the Bari Region, along with some parts of southern Somalia, Bay, Bakool and Jubbada Hoose. The Warsangeli also have the oldest Sultanate amongst the Somali tribes who inhabit the former British Somaliland.Fact|date=February 2007

Citizens of Warsangeli

The citizens of Warsangeli Sultanate are well-known throughout Somalia's history, of being peace loving and politically independent citizens. In the article "Seychellois rekindle ties with Sultan of Somaliland" which was featured on one of the newspapers of the Republic of Seychelles captures a glimpse of this history. It writes, "The Warsengeli Sultanate has been in existence for the last six hundred years." [ [http://www.virtualseychelles.sc/news/news_details.asp?id=453 Seychellois rekindle ties with Sultan of Somaliland] Virtual Seychelles. 10 Oct 2005.] The country of the tribe was recognized in the Arabian Peninsula by whom they named it Makhar or Makhir Coast and the terms are quite territorial but more comparative to the clan than nominal. The country of Warsangeli was considered to be the most commercially valuable region by both the English and Arab traders. [Lieut, Cruttenden. [http://www.dhahar.com/article.php?articleid=1438 "On Eastern Africa"] 8th May 1848. JSTOR] The land of Cal Madow which is inside the country of the tribe, is also a chain of stunning mountains that extends to the cities of Bosaso - the capital of the Bari region and Ceerigaabo, the capital of the Sanaag region - in an east-west direction.

ubclans of the Warsangeli

There is no clear agreement on the clan and sub-clan structures. The divisions and subdivisions as here given are partial and simplified. Many lineages are omitted. [(For a comparison of different views on the clan-lineage-structures see World Bank Group, "Conflict in Somalia: Drivers and Dynamics", January 2005, Appendix 2, Lineage Charts, [http://siteresources.worldbank.org/INTSOMALIA/Resources/conflictinsomalia.pdf] , p.56.]

*Aadan Siciid
*Adan Yaqub
*Ahmed Dhegawayn
*Bah Habar Osmaan
*Bah Habar Hasan
*Bah Idoor
*Bah Ogayslabe
*Bah Yabare
*Bihina Guuleed
*Aamir Of Garad Mohamoud
*Garad Liban (Tuure)
*Ahmed Omar
*Jibrell Saiid
*Raage Ali
*Reer Omar
*Reer Faatax
*Reer Garaad
*Reer Mohamed
*Reer Saalah
*Reer Haaji
*Reer Yaasuf of Omar [Yasif Omar]
*Reer Yusuf of Garad Mohamoud
*Husein Iise

Western Explorers and Warsangeli

Captain S. B. Miles's "On the Neighbourhood of Bunder Marayah" (1872) describes the clan as people who live by the rule as a peaceable and orderly, and generally loth to shed blood while the Galbedh (Western Somali) tribes were in completely opposite state. Miles, states, "The Gulbedh tribes are much more turbulent and predatory than the 'Makhar', and are in chronic state of warfare and anarchy. [Captain S. B. Miles's "On the Neighbourhood of Bunder Marayah"(1872) JSTOR] In fact, Cruttenden reaffirms similar observations of Miles by stating, "It is worthy of remark that in this tribe, theft is looked upon with abhorrence....To call a man a thief is a deadly insult, to be washed out by blood alone. Pity is that the Somali tribes of Edoor (Isaaq) have not the same prejudice in favour of honesty." [Cruttenden, C. J. "Memoir on the Western or Edoor Tribes with Southern Branches of the Family of Darrood. London: Royal Geographical Society. Vol. 19 (1849), pp. 49-76] Despite the peaceful and orderly nature of Warsangeli, Cruttenden, however, characterized them as "powerful and warlike", which again stresses their portrait of being an independent and peaceful loving citizens of Somalia.

Richard Francis Burton in his book "First Footsteps of East Africa" (1856) lists 18 principle subclans of Warsangeli, [cite web |url= http://etext.library.adelaide.edu.au/b/burton/richard/b97f/appendix1.html |title= First footsteps in East Africa |accessdate=2007-05-26 |author= Richard Burton |authorlink= Richard Burton |coauthors= Lieutenant Speke |date= |year= |month= |format= |work= |publisher= |pages= |language= |archiveurl= |archivedate= |quote= Diary and Observations Made by Lieutenant Speke, When Attempting to Reach the Wady Nogal. ]

"This extensive branch of the Somal is divided into eighteen principal clans, viz.:1. Rer Gerad (the royal family). 2. Rer Fatih. 3. Rer Abdullah. 4. Rer Bihidur. 5. Bohogay Salabay. 6. Adan Yakub. 7. Gerad Umar. 8. Gerad Yusuf. 9. Gerad Liban. 10. Nuh Umar. 11. Adan Said. 12. Rer Haji. 13. Dubbays. 14. Warlabah. 15. Bayabarhay. 16. Rer Yasif. 17. Hindudub. 18. Rer Garwayna."

Noted members

*Mohamoud Ali Shire, Sultan of former British Somaliland (1897-1960)
*Faarax Maxamed Jaamac Cawl, Somali writer
*Abdillahi Mohammed Ahmed, known as Qablan , Former Under-Secretary for Finance
*Hasan Hayle (Xasan Xayle), Somali poet from Las Khorey
*Mohamed Nuur Giriig, classical singer

ee also

*Badhan, Sanaag

Further reading

"Memoir on the Western or Edoor Tribes, Inhabiting the Somali Coast of N.-E. Africa, with the Southern Branches of the Family of Darrood, Resident on the Banks of the Webbe Shebeyli, Commonly Called the River Webbe" by C. J. Cruttenden, Journal of the Royal Geographical Society of London Vol. 19 (1849), pp. 49-76


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