CI Financial

CI Financial

company_name = CI Financial Income Fund
company_type = Public
foundation = 1965
location_city = Toronto
location_country = Canada
key_people =
industry = Financial Services
products =
revenue =
net_income =
num_employees =
homepage = []

CI Financial Income Fund is a diversified wealth management firm headquartered in Toronto, Ontario and is one of Canada’s largest investment fund companies. [ [ CI Financial Income Fund (Toronto Stock Exchange)] . Reuters.]

The company has been publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange since June 1994 and converted from a corporation to an income trust in June 2006. CI’s units are listed on the TSX under the symbol CIX.UN. CI can be found on the Web at []

CI operates in the Canadian financial services industry primarily through the following companies:

::CI Investments Inc. is a leading Canadian investment manager. It provides investment management through mutual funds, segregated funds, and other specialty investment products. Its brand names include CI, Cambridge, Harbour, Signature, Synergy, Knight Bain, Portfolio Series, Portfolio Select Series and SunWise Elite. ( Wealth Management (Canada) Ltd offers financial planning services through a network of 800 professional investment advisors. ( Capital Inc. is a full-service investment dealer offering wealth management services through a network of 180 investment advisors and a capital markets business providing investment banking services for Canadian issuers, and independent research and trade execution for institutional clients. (


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