Aliyah Bishop

Aliyah Bishop


caption=Cover to "X-Men: The End - Book One: Dreamers & Demons" #2. Art by Greg Land.
character_name=Aliyah Bishop
real_name=Aliyah Bishop
species=Human/Shiar hybrid
publisher=Marvel Comics
debut=": Dreamers and Demons" #1
creators=Chris Claremont and Sean Chen

Aliyah Bishop is a fictional comic book character in the X-Men mythos. She first appeared in " - Book One: Dreamers & Demons" #1, and was created by Chris Claremont and Sean Chen.

Fictional character biography

Born in a possible future, Aliyah Bishop is the daughter of Bishop and Deathbird. The future version of Lifeguard, a modern day X-Man, becomes her beloved bodyguard. An attack against Aliyah leads a badly wounded Lifeguard to send the girl to the Starjammers via a small spaceship. Aliyah, traumatized, is forced to watch as Lifeguard is left behind.

Aliyah spends sometime on the new Starjammers ship, with the integrated mind of Carol Danvers for companionship. The ship, many dozens of miles long, provides much surprises, including what seems to be another lifepod containing the stasis-held body of her mother, Deathbird.

Aliyah also encounters Jean Grey, Nightcrawler and Nocturne, who travel onboard for some time.


*Aliyah is not known to currently exist in the mainstream "616" universe, and has not appeared outside of the "" series.

*Aliyah's name is possibly a nod to late pop singer, Aaliyah.

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