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caption= The Very First Injustice League.
team_name=Injustice League
publisher=DC Comics
debut="Silver Age SFO" (Jul 2000)
Historical: "Justice League International" #23 (Jan 1989)
creators=Scott Beatty
Keith Giffen / J.M. DeMatteis
base=Hall of Doom
subcat=DC Comics
The Injustice League is the name of two fictional teams of supervillains in the DC Comics Universe.

Fictional team history

Original League

The original (retconned in) Injustice League was the brainchild of the interplanetary conqueror, Agamemno. Bored of his dominion, he set out to conquer Earth and their champions, the Justice League. Aided by Kanjar Ro, Agamemno contacted Lex Luthor and they recruited other villains to their cause.

Agamemno then engineered a switch wherein the villains' minds switched with those of the JLA. In the true JLA's absence, other Silver Age heroes came to clash with the now seemingly evil heroes. Eventually, Green Lantern used the power of the Oa's Central Power Battery and a Thanagarian weapon called "Absorbascon" to reverse the mind-swap.

Having spent time in their enemies' bodies, the villains knew their heroic counterparts inside-out. To regain the edge, the JLA used the power of Robby Reed's alien H-Dial to transform themselves into totally different heroes. Then using his power ring through the Absorbascon, Green Lantern removed all knowledge of the heroes' secret identities from the villains' minds.


* Agamemno
* Lex Luthor
* Black Manta
* Chronos
* Catwoman
* Doctor Light III
* Felix Faust
* Mr. Element
* Penguin
* Sinestro

Justice League Antarctica

:main|Justice League AntarcticaThe second Injustice League was formed to counter Maxwell Lord's Justice League International, and comprised Cluemaster, Major Disaster, Clock King, Big Sir, Multi-Man and the Mighty Bruce. This team proved highly unsuccessful, and eventually underwent a crisis of conscience and requested membership in the Justice League. Lord sent them, as well as the incompetent Green Lantern G'nort and his nemesis the Scarlet Skier, to become Justice League Antarctica. Later, they volunteered to join the Suicide Squad. On their first mission, Big Sir and Clock King were killed; Multi-Man was shot through the head (but survived thanks to his powers); and Cluemaster was seriously injured.

Injustice League Unlimited

Lex Luthor, Joker, and Cheetah III (widely regarded as the archenemies of the JLA's three primary members: Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman) recently formed an "Injustice League Unlimited", as first seen in the "Justice League of America Wedding Special". While it seems the membership is much greater in the promotional image of "Justice League of America" (vol. 2) #13, the Core Members of the team shown by "Wizard" magazine is a select group of various arch-nemeses.

The team was created by Dwayne McDuffie, a writer from the animated series "Justice League Unlimited", which featured a similar expanded Legion. Lex Luthor has the idea to bring the villains together, claiming it was a protection racket first but with the ultimate aim of conquering the United States. During the storyline, the Injustice League splits up and manages to capture the Justice League members in small groups. However, the JLA is freed by Firestorm, and it battles the Injustice League at its swamp headquarters. In the ensuing melee, many of the villains flee (later to attack Black Canary and Green Arrow's wedding), but most are taken captive by the League. It is revealed at this time that Lex Luthor actually had a secret goal in forming the league. He refuses to reveal details, but mentions that he planned for his capture. The remaining villains are then taken away by Amanda Waller and the Suicide Squad, who plan to ship them away to a distant planet, as seen in DC's "Salvation Run" storyline.

It is notable that the alternate covers of the second issue of the arc, Justice League of America #13, feature many more villains than were actually in the League, including Amazo, Bizarro, Black Adam, Sinestro and the Rogues (Heat Wave, Captain Cold, Weather Wizard, Abra Kadabra and Mirror Master).


Though covers featured a large number of villains, actually membership differed was different in the actual story. Membership included

* Lex Luthor - Founder
* Joker - Founder
* Cheetah III - Founder
* Doctor Light III - Core Member
* Fatality - Core Member
* Gorilla Grodd - Core Member
* Killer Frost II - Core Member
* Parasite - Core Member
* Poison Ivy - Core Member
* Shadow Thief - Core Member
* Black Spider III
* Body Doubles
* Brain
* Cheshire
* Clayface I
* Deathstroke
* Doctor Sivana
* Effigy
* Girder
* Giganta
* Hammer & Sickle
* Hyena
* Iron Cross (of the Aryan Brigade)
* Jewelee
* Jinx
* The Key
* Killer Croc
* Lady Vic
* Major Force
* Magenta
* Mammoth
* Manticore III
* Metallo
* Mister Freeze
* Mister Terrible
* Monsieur Mallah
* Nocturna
* Phobia
* Prankster
* Psimon
* Queen Bee
* Rag Doll
* Shaggy Man III
* Shimmer
* Shrapnel
* Skorpio
* Sonar II
* Tar Pit
* Toyman
* Tremor
* Two-Face
* Volcano Man
* Warp

Based on the Covers

This section list those that just appear on the covers:

* Amazo
* Black Manta
* Bizarro
* Black Adam
* Bolt
* Captain Cold
* Chemo
* Circe
* Despero
* Doctor Psycho
* Double Dare
* Felix Faust
* Granny Goodness
* Icicle II
* Lion-Mane
* Merlyn
* Mongul II
* Scarecrow
* Sinestro
* Solomon Grundy
* T. O. Morrow
* Validus
* Zoom


First Injustice League

*"Silver Age: Secret Files and Origins"
*"Silver Age" # 1
*"Silver Age: Showcase"
*"Silver Age 80-Page"

econd Injustice League

*"Justice League Wedding Special"
*"Justice League of America" v2 #13-15

ee also

* Injustice Society
* Injustice Gang
* Secret Society of Super Villains
* Villains United
* Legion of Doom

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