Chicken Cordon Bleu

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Chicken Cordon Bleu is a popular dish of boneless chicken breast pounded and rolled around a pork meat (such as ham or prosciutto) and a soft cheese (such as mozzarella, Swiss or bleu cheese) and then either fried or baked.



Chicken Cordon Blue is a relatively recent American creation, drawing upon techniques from both Chicken Kiev and similar schnitzel dishes. The earliest reference to "Chicken Cordon Blue" in The New York Times is dated to 1967, while similar veal recipes are found from at least 1955.[1] The French term Cordon Bleu is translated as "Blue Ribbon".[2]The chicken dish should not be confused with the cooking school of the same name.


There are many variations on the recipe, all of which involve a chicken breast, cheese, and pork. A popular way to prepare the dish is to butterfly a chicken breast, place a thin slice of ham or prosciutto inside, along with a thin slice of a soft, easily melted cheese. The chicken breast is then rolled into a roulade, coated in bread crumbs and then deep fried[3]. Other variations exist where the chicken is baked[4] rather than fried. Other common variations include omitting the bread crumbs,[5] wrapping the ham around the chicken, or using bacon in place of the ham.[6]


In largely Muslim-populated countries like Indonesia, halal versions of Chicken Cordon Bleu are also popular, but to address the halal requirement for the Muslims, the chicken is rolled around beef instead of pork product.[7]

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