Deaconal Folk High School

Deaconal Folk High School

diakonhoejskolen [1] is a school/university college in Højbjerg, a southern suburb of Aarhus, jutland Denmark, about 15 min. by bus from Aarhus Central[2]. The school dates from the 1920s, and has eventually evolved from educating deacons for the nursing sector, to provide training in different fields of social work. Training to take care of people with a drug addiction, mentally challenged, children and adults with physically and/or mentally special needs, etc. The education have integrated deaconal subject which, in a modern Danish context, are church related social workers. Deacons educated in Denmark are lay people. The education is a State approved bachelor's degree from 4 years studying. Graduated Deacons from the Diakonhøjskolen often get jobs in NGO such as the YMCA and YWCA social programmes as well as in State-based institutions and projects.

The Diakonhøjskolen is based on the values and creed of the Danish National Church, which is episcopal evangelic Lutheran. However, respect and dialogue is highly valued with regard to students of other denominations who attend the school[3]

The School also runs a 3 month course for international student. The course aims to equip students be able to initiate, monitor and evaluate development projects and to raise awareness of social and development issues in church and society.

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