Drag Lake

Drag Lake
Drag Lake
Location Haliburton County, Ontario
Coordinates 45°04′10″N 78°24′22″W / 45.06944°N 78.40611°W / 45.06944; -78.40611[1]Coordinates: 45°04′10″N 78°24′22″W / 45.06944°N 78.40611°W / 45.06944; -78.40611[1]
Lake type Glacial lake
Primary outflows Drag River
Basin countries Canada
Surface area 1003 ha
Max. depth 55 m
Surface elevation 354 m
Frozen Mid-December to Late April
Islands (None on lake)
Settlements (None on lake)

Drag Lake is a lake in south central Ontario in the village of Haliburton, in Haliburton County, Ontario, Canada.


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