Mercury (comics)

Mercury (comics)

Mercury, in comics, may refer to:

  • Mercury (Marvel Comics), a.k.a. Cessily Kincaid, a Marvel Comics character who can turn herself into a mercurial substance
  • Mercury (Amalgam Comics), a combination of the characters Impulse and Quicksilver made for Amalgam Comics
  • Hermes (Marvel Comics), an Olympian god known to the Romans as Mercury in Marvel Comics.
  • Makkari (comics), an Eternal who once used the name "Mercury" when operating as a crime fighter.
  • Mercury, a member of the Metal Men, DC comics characters made of elements from the periodic table.
  • Mercury, a member of Cerebro's X-Men.

See also

  • Mercury (disambiguation)
  • Hermes (comics), as Hermes is the Roman name for the same (or a similar) god

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