Exudative pharyngitis in someone with infectious mononucleosis
Cervical lymphadenopathy in someone with infectious mononucleosis

Mononucleosis is a condition where there is an unusual proliferation of lymphocytes in the blood due to an infection with the Epstein–Barr virus (EBV).[1] These atypical lymphocytes resembled monocytes when they were first discovered; thus the term mononucleosis was coined.

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  • mononucleosis — presencia de un gran número de leucocitos mononucleares en la sangre. La mononucleosis infecciosa está producida por el virus de Epstein Barr y en ocasiones por citomegalovirus de la familia de los Herpes. También se la conoce como la enfermedad… …   Diccionario médico

  • mononucleosis — [män΄ō no͞o΄klē ō′sis, män΄ōnyo͞o΄klē ō′sis] n. [ MONO + NUCLE(US) + OSIS] 1. INFECTIOUS MONONUCLEOSIS 2. the presence in the blood of an excessive number of cells having a single nucleus …   English World dictionary

  • mononucleosis — (n.) 1920, coined from MONONUCLEAR (Cf. mononuclear) + Mod.L. OSIS (Cf. osis) abnormal condition …   Etymology dictionary

  • mononucleosis — f. Med. Exceso de monocitos en la sangre, debido a ciertos tipos de infecciones …   Diccionario de la lengua española

  • mononucleosis — /mon euh nooh klee oh sis, nyooh /, n. Pathol. 1. the presence of an abnormally large number of mononuclear leukocytes, or monocytes, in the blood. 2. See infectious mononucleosis. [1915 20; MONONUCLE(AR) + OSIS] * * * ▪ pathology formally… …   Universalium

  • Mononucleosis — ► sustantivo femenino 1 MEDICINA Aumento del número de los glóbulos blancos mononucleares presentes en la sangre. IRREG. plural mononucleosis FRASEOLOGÍA mononucleosis infecciosa MEDICINA Enfermedad vírica benigna cuyos síntomas son amigdalitis,… …   Enciclopedia Universal

  • Mononucleosis — Infection with the Epstein Barr virus (EBV, human herpesvirus 4, HHV 4) in which there is an increase of white blood cells that have a single nucleus (monocytes). The infection can be spread by saliva. Its incubation period is four to eight weeks …   Medical dictionary

  • mononucleosis — n. (AE) infectious mononucleosis (CE has glandular fever) * * * (AE) infectious mononucleosis (CE has glandular fever) …   Combinatory dictionary

  • mononucleosis — {{#}}{{LM M26400}}{{〓}} {{[}}mononucleosis{{]}} ‹mo·no·nu·cle·o·sis› {{◆}}(pl. mononucleosis){{◇}} {{《}}▍ s.f.{{》}} Aumento anormal del número de un determinado tipo de glóbulos blancos en la sangre. {{★}}{{\}}ETIMOLOGÍA:{{/}} De mono (uno),… …   Diccionario de uso del español actual con sinónimos y antónimos

  • mononucleosis — noun Etymology: New Latin, from International Scientific Vocabulary mononuclear + New Latin osis Date: 1920 an abnormal increase of mononuclear white blood cells in the blood; specifically infectious mononucleosis …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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