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caption = Dark, rod-like andalusite crystals in a light green cordierite schist matrix (writing pen shows size).
formula = Al2SiO5Gemological Institute of America, "GIA Gem Reference Guide" 1995, ISBN 0-87311-019-6]
molweight =
color = transparent to opaque brownish or yellowish green to orangy brown; may be pure green, brown, pink, violet (rare), and red
habit =
system = orthorhombic
twinning = lamellar
cleavage = distinct in one direction
fracture = uneven to conchoidal
mohs = 7 - 7.5
luster = vitreous
polish = vitreous
refractive = 1.634 - 1.643 (+/-.005)
opticalprop = double refractive, biaxial negative; "chiastolite" has anomalous aggregate reaction. Can also display chatoyancy.
birefringence = .007 - .013
dispersion = .016
pleochroism = Strong. Brownish to yellowish green and brownish orange to brownish red
fluorescence= inert in long wave, inert to moderate green to yellowish green in short wave
absorption =
streak =
gravity = 3.17 (+/- .04)
density =
melt =
fusibility =
diagnostic =
solubility =
diaphaneity =
other =

Andalusite is an aluminium nesosilicate mineral with the chemical formula Al2SiO5.

The variety chiastolite commonly contains dark inclusions of carbon or clay which form an "X" or a cross in section.

A clear variety first found in Andalusia, Spain can be cut into an interesting gemstone. [ [ "International Colored Gem Association: Anadalusite"] ] Faceted andalusite stones give a play of red, green, and yellow colors that resembles a muted form of iridescence, although the colors are actually the result of unusually strong pleochroism.


Andalusite is a common regional metamorphic mineral which forms under low pressure and moderate to high temperatures. Called Lapis Crucifer in ancient texts. The minerals kyanite and sillimanite are polymorphs of andalusite, each occurring under different temperature-pressure regimes and are therefore rarely found together in the same rock. Because of this the three minerals are a useful tool to help identify the pressure-temperature paths of the host rock in which they are found.

It was first reported from Andalucia, Spain in 1789.

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