New South Wales state election, 1932

New South Wales state election, 1932
New South Wales state election, 1932
New South Wales
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11 June 1932 (1932-06-11)
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All 90 seats in the New South Wales Legislative Assembly.
  First party Second party
  Sir Bertram Stevens.jpg Jacklang.jpg
Leader Bertram Stevens Jack Lang
Party UAP/Country coalition Labor (NSW)
Leader since 5 April 1932 31 July 1923
Leader's seat Croydon Auburn
Last election 35 seats 55 seats
Seats won 66 seats 24 seats
Seat change increase31 decrease31
Percentage 49.8% 40.1%
Swing increase9.8 decrease15.0

Premier before election

Jack Lang
Labor (NSW)

Elected Premier

Bertram Stevens
UAP/Country coalition

The 1932 New South Wales state election was held on 11 June 1932. This election was for all of the 90 seats in the 30th New South Wales Legislative Assembly and it was conducted in single member constituencies with compulsory preferential voting. It was a landslide victory for the UAP/Country Party coalition of Bertram Stevens, which had a majority of 42 in the Assembly.

The 29th parliament of New South Wales was dissolved on 18 May 1932 after the Governor, Sir Philip Game dismissed the Premier Jack Lang (see the crisis of 1931-32) and commissioned Bertram Stevens to form a caretaker government. Lang's government had a majority of 20 at the time of the dismissal.In this election, the Australian Labor Party (NSW) and the Federal Executive of the Australian Labor Party, which had separated in 1931 (see Lang Labor), endorsed separate candidates. The ALP (Federal) had candidates in 43 seats but none were elected. The parties were re-united in 1936.The campaign was marked by mass Labor Party public meetings including, allegedly, the largest public meeting in Australian history when Lang addressed 200,000 people at Moore Park on 5 June.


Key dates

Date Event
18 May 1932 The Legislative Assembly was dissolved, and writs were issued by the Governor to proceed with an election.
25 May 1932 Nominations for candidates for the election closed at noon.
11 June 1932 Polling day.
23 June 1932 Opening of 31st Parliament.


New South Wales state election, 11 June 1932
Legislative Assembly
<< 19301935 >>

Enrolled Voters 1,418,141[1]
Votes Cast 1,336,827 Turnout 96.40 -1.46
Informal Votes 30,260 Informal 2.21 -0.04
Summary of votes by party
Party Primary Votes % Swing Seats Change
  Labor (NSW) 536,897 40.1 - 15 24 - 31
  United Australia 491,124 36.7 + 6.2 41 + 18
  Country 175,862 13.1 + 3.6 23 + 11
  Joint UAP/Country Endorsement 23,020 1.7 + 1.7 2 + 2
  Labor 56,641 4.24 + 4.24 0 ± 0
  All others 53,283 4.16 0 ± 0
Total 1,336,827     90  
1 There were 1,465,008 enrolled voters but 46,867 were enrolled in 3 electorates (one UAP and two Country) which were uncontested at the election.


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