Northern Division (New Zealand electorate)

Northern Division (New Zealand electorate)

Northern Division was a two-member parliamentary electorate in the Auckland Region, New Zealand from 1853 to 1870.


Geographic distribution

The electorate was north of Auckland; originally nearly to Whangarei, but from 1860 to just north of Warkworth.


The 1855 general election was contested by four candidates. The two incumbents, Thomas Forsaith and Walter Lee stood against Thomas Henderson and Mr May. They received 292, 294, 363 and 213 votes, respectively. Henderson and Lee were thus declared elected, and the incumbent Forsaith was beaten by two votes.[1]

Henderson represented the electorate in the 2nd Parliament from October 1855 to his resignation on 30 March 1860. He won the resulting 23 May 1860 by-election and represented the electorate until its dissolution on 6 November 1860. He was elected again for the 3rd Parliament in January 1861, and the 4th Parliament in February 1866, but he resigned on 5 June 1867.[2]

Thomas Macfarlane was elected on 6 July 1867, succeeding Henderson.[3] James O'Neill resigned in 1869 and was succeeded by Henry Warner Farnall.

Members of Parliament

The electorate was represented by six Members of Parliament:[4]

Election Winners
1853 election Thomas Forsaith Walter Lee
1855 Thomas Henderson
1860 by-election Thomas Henderson
1861 James O'Neill
1867 by-election Thomas Macfarlane
1869 by-election Henry Farnall


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