OTEX Ozone Laundry System

OTEX Ozone Laundry System

OTEX Ozone Laundry System is an ozone disinfection laundry system developed by the commercial laundry equipment, dishwasher and service provider, JLA Group. OTEX was launched in June 2004, after a £3m development programme.[1]



The JLA OTEX system uses ozone, an oxidising disinfectant which can be created via corona discharge. Oxygen (O2) molecules are passed through dry air with an electrical charge. It is necessary to use dry air because the degree of ozone production is adversely affected by moisture. The electrical charge causes the oxygen molecules to split into single oxygen atoms. These singular atoms then regroup in clusters of three to form the triatomic molecule, ozone (O3).[2]

The OTEX system applies ozone to the laundry wash water via a patented interfuser developed by JLA. This pumps a continuous stream of ozone into the washer at every stage of the wash cycle.[2]


Ozone is an extremely reactive oxidizing agent and is regarded as having a more effective sporicidal action than other commonly used disinfectants such as hydrogen peroxide.[3] Ozone naturally removes electrons from atoms to break them down. This characteristic has significant advantages in laundry wash cycles, as ozone removes electrons from soils on fabrics to break them down. The reduced molecules of the soils are then washed away by water in the wash. Finally, the ozone is then discharged as oxygen gas.

OTEX Disinfection

OTEX has been proven to eradicate 99.999% of micro-organisms, bacteria, yeasts, moulds and viruses, including MRSA and Clostridium Difficile.[4]

OTEX can be installed to automatically validate disinfection on every cycle. After each wash, users receive a printed receipt which states that disinfection has been achieved.


Targeting the healthcare market as a disinfection product, the OTEX ozone laundry system has been installed in more than 40 NHS Trusts in the UK.[1] OTEX is used in healthcare establishments including York Hospital, Calderdale Royal Hospital,[1] and The Queen Elizabeth II Hospital.[5] The product has been used in the care sector too, with establishments such as the Chelsea Pensioners’ Home having OTEX installed.

OTEX has also been introduced to the education sector, and is in use at Harrow School, Cheam School and Haileybury.

Awards and Recognition

OTEX has received national media coverage, including reports by The Daily Mail,[6][7] The Telegraph,[5] The Yorkshire Post,[1] the BBC, ITV, and an endorsement by Dr Hilary Jones.[8]

In 2009 OTEX was awarded level 1 classification from the Department of Health NHS Rapid Review Panel for infection control products. The report stated that OTEX is ‘the most effective laundry disinfection system for eradicating micro-organisms, including bacteria, yeasts, moulds and viruses'.[9][10]


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