United Airforce Overtech Hardware

United Airforce Overtech Hardware
The five main members of the Ohranger group. Each Ohranger is named after their respective symbol.

The United Airforce Overtech Hardware (U.A.O.H.) is a fictional organization in the Japanese Super Sentai Series Chōriki Sentai Ohranger that has been founded to battle against the Machine Empire Baranoia.


The Ohrangers

The Ohrangers (オーレンジャー Ōrenjā?) are the fictional protagonists of the series. Their special team attack is Chōriki Dynamite Attack (超力ダイナマイトアタック Chōriki Dainamaito Atakku?), where the Ohrangers perform multiple mid-air flips and change into an energy ball that destroys Machine Beasts. Their surname bears the number of corners (or in Momo and Juri case a circle which has no corners and the = was just two lines) of their visor's shape, except for Gorou's whose surname reflects the shape of his visor (which is a star). Together, they fight the Machine Empire Baranoia.

Goro Hoshino

U.A.O.H. Captain Goro Hoshino/Oh Red (星野 吾郎/オーレッド Hoshino Gorō/Ō Reddo?) is 25 years old. An ace pilot and the team UAOH Captain, Goro is the first to receive his powers. He is a cool-headed and quick-thinking person, though his stubbornness brings him and his teammates much trouble at times. He is an expert in karate, kendo, and judo. The others call him "captain." Goro also appeared in Gaoranger Vs Super Sentai Along with his fellow Red Rangers from AkaRanger to TimeRed.

Goro is portrayed by: Masaru Shishido (宍戸 勝 Shishido Masaru?).

Shohei Yokkaichi

U.A.O.H. Member Shohei Yokkaichi/Oh Green (四日市 昌平/オーグリーン Yokkaichi Shōhei/Ō Gurīn?) is the 27 years old second-in-command and a boxer. Shohei is chosen from the same division as Hoshino. He is cheerful, kind and popular with children but is also serious and disciplined in work, being the oldest. He likes pork ramen and makes delicious gyouza dumplings.

Shohei is portrayed by Kunio Masaoka (正岡 邦夫 Masaoka Kunio?).

Yuji Mita

U.A.O.H. Member Yuji Mita/Oh Blue (三田 祐司/オーブルー Mita Yūji/Ō Burū?) is 21 years old. A swift person, Yuji is an expert in fencing and gymnastics. His recklessness makes him the most childish member along with his way of speaking. Yuji uses jumps and midair fighting tactics.

Yuji is portrayed by Masashi Goda (合田 雅吏 Gōda Masashi?).

Juri Nijyo

U.A.O.H. Member Juri Nijyo/Oh Yellow (二条 樹里/オーイエロー Nijō Juri/Ō Ierō?)[1] is 22 years old. Juri uses martial arts researched in the United States but she also likes dancing and aerobics, which uses in battle with great results. She loves fashion.

Juri is portrayed by Ayumi Hodaka (穂高 あゆみ Hodaka Ayumi?) (Played as Ayumi Aso (麻生 あゆみ Asō Ayumi?)).

Momo Maruo

U.A.O.H. Member Momo Maruo/Oh Pink (丸尾 桃/オーピンク Maruo Momo/Ō Pinku?) is 20 years old, youngest in the team who uses Chinese boxing and aikido. While separated from the others during the Bara Magma incident and losing her Power Brace, Momo is befriended by a German Shepherd named Johnny, referred by the locals as a divine savior, who brought her to safety. With the help of Shota, Momo finds Johnny with her Power Brace. She took Johnny's death hard as she avenges his death, only to find that he was still alive.

Momo is portrayed by Tamao Satō (さとう 珠緒 Satō Tamao?) (Played as Tamao (珠緒?).


Chōriki Legendary Warrior Riki/King Ranger (超力伝説勇者リキ/キングレンジャー Chōriki Densetsu Yūsha Riki/Kingu Renjā?, 26-31, 36-38, 40-43, 46-48): The legendary child-like hero of Pangaea who is the protector of Dorin. After chasing Bacchus Wrath from Earth 600 million years ago, Riki entered suspended animation within King Pyramidder until it returns to Earth. He then runs off to find Bachhus Wrath, meeting up with the Ohrangers and helping them out since.

Riki is portrayed by Shōji Yamaguchi (山口 将司 Yamaguchi Shōji?).

Other U.A.O.H. Members


Chief Councilor Naoyuki Miura (三浦 尚之 Miura Naoyuki?) is the Ohrangers' commander, a dedicated leader who refuses to give up no matter what. An anthropologist and scientist as well, he used his knowledge about ancient civilizations and technologies to create all the Ohrangers' arsenal and mecha, as well as their suits. He once defeated a Baranoia Soldier with his bare hands after a UAOH soldier couldn't do it with a gun.

Miura is portrayed by veteran tokusatsu actor Hiroshi Miyauchi (宮内 洋 Miyauchi Hiroshi?).



Dorin (ドリン Dorin?, 26-31, 36, 42, 46-48) is a girl of Pangaea who was found sleeping inside King Pyramider. It's discovered that she is an important part of the Super Force in Earth and Riki is assignated to her care. Was killed by Multiwa but revived in the finale. She has a green pet lizard named Paku (パク Paku?).


Gunmazin (ガンマジン Ganmajin?, 37, 38, 40, 41, 44 & 48, Ohranger vs. Kakuranger) is an ancient warrior known for his honor and courage. Imprisoned within the form of a tiny tiki, the only way to unlock his power is by placing a key into his forehead and reciting the magic words "Ganma Ganma Dondoko Ganma" (ガンマガンマ ドンドコガンマ Ganma Ganma Dondoko Ganma?). For some reason, the key always ended up in the hands of a child and everyone knew the magic words after hearing them. When awakened, Gunmazin would grant a single wish to his discoverer as long as it didn't mean harm to anyone. There were times in which he simply didn't like the wish and refused to grant it or punished his awakener for lying to him. Gunmazin possessed the Mazin Saber (マジンサーベル Majin Sāberu?) through which he focused his power into the Majin One Sword Style (マジン一刀流 Majin Ittō Ryū?) of Majin One Sword Fencing (Fire, Lightning, Wind and Blinding Light). His back can act as a shield to defend himself and others (even King Pyrammider's beam). In the series finale, he took Acha, Kocha, and Buldont, Jr. to his care. In Ohranger vs. Kakuranger, he is revealed to be terrified of Youkai (monsters fought by the Kakurangers).

Gunmazin is voiced by Akira Kamiya (神谷 明 Kamiya Akira?).

Other Sentai Teams

Ninja Sentai Kakuranger
Only in the movie Chōriki Sentai Ohranger vs. Kakuranger. As the previous year's team, they assisted the Ohrangers in defeating the Youkai demon Onbu-Obake and the Machine Beast Bara Gear. This was the start of the trend of a yearly movie with the newest sentai teaming up with the previous year's heroes.
Gekisou Sentai Carranger
Only in the movie Gekisou Sentai Carranger vs. Ohranger.


  • Power Brace (パワーブレス Pawā Buresu?): The Ohrangers' changing device. One piece is worn on each wrist. The right-armed piece has a Storage Crystal (ストレージクリスタル Sutorēji Kurisutaru?), the source of the Ohrangers' energy, attached to it. The Storage Crystal is also placed inside of the cockpit of Ohranger Robo in order to pilot it. The left piece also can work as a communication device to contact U.A.O.H.'s home base, and to contact the other Rangers. By using the henshin call "Super-Powered Transformation!" (超力変身! Chōriki Henshin!?) and connecting their braces, the user transforms into an Ohranger.
  • Thunder Wings (サンダーウィング Sandā Wingu?): Air force fighter jets piloted by UAOH members.
  • Jetter Machines: Five motorcycles that serve as the Ohrangers' personal transportation. Can be stored into the Thunderwings until they are needed.
    • Red Jetter (レッドジェッター Reddo Jettā?): Oh Red's motorcycle.
    • Green Jetter (グリーンジェッター Gurīn Jettā?): Oh Green's motorcycle.
    • Blue Jetter (ブルージェッター Burū Jettā?): Oh Blue's motorcycle.
    • Yellow Jetter (イエロージェッター Ierō Jettā?): Oh Yellow's motorcycle.
    • Pink Jetter (ピンクジェッター Pinku Jettā?): Oh Pink's motorcycle.
  • King Smasher (キングスマッシャー Kingu Sumasshā?): A combination of the King Blaster & Battle Stick.
    • King Blaster (キングブラスター Kingu Burasutā?): Standard laser pistols wielded by the Ohrangers. They can be combined with the Ohrangers' other various weapons to form even more powerful tools.
    • Battle Sticks (バトルスティック Batoru Sutikku?): Sword-like weapons wielded by the Ohrangers. Can be used in the "Battle Stick Hurricane" team attack.
  • Star Riser: a powerful sword wielded by Oh Red; special attack is Secret Sword Super-Power Riser (秘剣・超力ライザー Hiken Chōriki Raizā?).
  • Square Crushers: a pair of powerful hatchets wielded by Oh Green; special attacks are Blitzkrieg Chōriki Crusher (電光・超力クラッシャー Denkō Chōriki Kurasshā?) and Exploding Mirage Knuckle (爆烈ミラージュナックル Bakuretsu Mirāji Nakkuru?).
  • Delta Tonfas (デルタトンファ Deruta Tonfa?): a pair of mighty bladed-tonfas wielded by Oh Blue; special attacks are Lightning: Chōriki Tonfas (稲妻・超力トンファ Inazuma Chōriki Tonfa?) and Crashing Rolling Bomber (激突ローリングボンバー Gekitotsu Rōringu Bonbā?).
  • Twin Baton (ツインバトン Tsuin Baton?): a pair of strong nunchaku wielded by Oh Yellow; special attacks are Explosion Chōriki Baton (炸裂・超力バトン Sakuretsu Chōriki Baton?) and Lightspeed Splash Illusion (光速スプラッシュイリュージョン Kōsoku Supurasshu Iryūjon?).
  • Circle Defenser (サークルディフェンサー Sākuru Difensā?): power defensive shield and weapon wielded by Oh Pink; special attacks are Hurricane: Chōriki Defenser (疾風・超力ディフェンサー Shippū Chōriki Difensā?) and Flashing Miracle Chi Kung Shot (閃光ミラクル気功弾 Senkō Mirakuru Kikōdan?).
  • Big Bang Buster (ビッグバンバスター Biggu Ban Basutā?): A special combination of the main five Ohrangers' weapons and a King Smasher. The weapon is used to destroy normal-sized Machine Beasts.
  • Giant Roller (ジャイアントローラー Jaianto Rōrā?): A giant wheel stored inside Sky Phoenix, used by Oh Red to destroy normal-sized Machine Beasts.
  • Ohré Bazooka (オーレバズーカ Ōre Bazūka?): A Cannon loaded with Hyper Storage Crystals (ハイパーストレージクリスタル Haipā Sutorēji Kurisutaru?) that is used to finish off Machine Beasts.
  • King Brace (キングブレス Kingu Buresu?): Riki/King Ranger's version of the Power Brace. gold-colored (as opposed to the Ohrangers silver-colored brace) with a Storage Crystal with a "king" ( Ō?) shape. The Henshin call is the same as the other Ohrangers.
  • King Stick (キングスティック Kingu Sutikku?): A mighty staff given to Riki by Dorin upon their arrival. Special attacks are King Victory Flash and King Tornado.

UAOH Mecha

Mecha constructed by UAOH are used by the Ohrangers to fight Baranoia.

Ohranger Robo

Chōriki Combination Ohranger Robo (超力合体オーレンジャーロボ Chōriki Gattai Ōrenjā Robo?) is formed by the Chōriki Mobiles (超力モビル Chōriki Mobiru?). Sky Phoenix forms the Head Mode and Wing Head (ウィングヘッド Wingu Heddo?). Gran Taurus forms the Middle Mode and the Horn Head (ホーンヘッド Hōn Heddo?). Dash Leon forms the Arm Mode and the Graviton Head (グラビトンヘッド Gurabiton Heddo?). Dogu Lander forms the left Foot Mode and the Vulcan Head (バルカンヘッド Barukan Heddo?). Moa Roader forms the right Foot Mode and the Cannon Head (キャノンヘッド Kyanon Heddo?).

Ohranger Robo is a unique robot because of its interchangeable "Helmets", one for each of the five separate vehicles, with one core member positioning himself/herself on the center cockpit usually switching his/her place with Oh Red depending on whose vehicle is being used as helmet.

The default Wing Head mode used the Super Crown Sword (スーパークラウンソード Sūpā Kuraun Sōdo?) for its Crown Final Crash (クラウンファイナルクラッシュ Kuraun Fainaru Kurasshu?), Chōriki Crown Sword Shoot, and Chōriki Crown Spark Shield attacks.

It is also armed with the Chōriki Moa Cannon (超力モアキャノン Chōriki Moa Kyanon?) with the Cannon Head; Chōriki Jump Crash, Dogu Sky Kick (ドグスカイキック Dogu Sukai Kikku?), Chōriki Dogu Vulcan (超力ドグバルカン Chōriki Dogu Barukan?) with the Vulcan Head; Leon Punch (レオンパンチ Reon Panchi?), Chōriki Leon Beam (超力レオンビーム Chōriki Reon Bīmu?) with the Graviton Head; and Chōriki Taurus Thunder (超力タウラスサンダー Chōriki Taurasu Sandā?) with the Horn Head.

It was damaged badly in episode 19 by Bara Builder, but was repaired soon after. Ohranger Robo's power helped to power up GaoKing in Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai.

  • Sky Phoenix (スカイフェニックス Sukai Fenikkusu?): Piloted by Oh Red. Helps out in Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai.
  • Gran Taurus (グランタウラス Guran Taurasu?): Piloted by Oh Green, it carries Dogu Lander into battle.
  • Dash Leon (ダッシュレオン Dasshu Reon?): Piloted by Oh Blue, it carries Moa Roader into battle (both deput in episode 6).
  • Dogu Lander (ドグランダー Dogu Randā?): Piloted by Oh Yellow.
  • Moa Roader (モアローダー Moa Rōdā?): Piloted by Oh Pink.

Red Puncher

Red Puncher (レッドパンチャー Reddo Panchā?) was the first mecha built by UAOH, built prior to Baranoia Invasion in 1997. When Baranoia begins its invasion, the Red Puncher was piloted by an UAOH soldier named Kinosuke, played by Ryohei Kobayashi. However, unable to control it, Kinosuke died as Red Puncher is buried under boulders as a result of its berserker rage. When Bara Builder damaged Ohranger Robo, Gorou found where Red Puncher was buried and managed to gain control. Arrives by the command "Red Puncher, come!". Armed with the Puncher Gatling (パンチャーガトリング Panchā Gatoringu?) and Magna Puncher (マグナパンチャー Maguna Panchā?).

In the finale, Red Puncher is captured by Baranoia, but it is freed by Gunmazin.

Buster Ohranger Robo

Super-Assault Combination Buster Ohranger Robo (超砲撃合体バスターオーレンジャーロボ Chōhōgeki Gattai Basutā Ōrenjā Robo?) is the combination of Ohranger Robo and Red Puncher. Red Puncher is able to assume Combination Mode to form Buster Ohranger Robo, forming the posterior and "Buster Head" (バスターヘッド Basutā Heddo?).

It can use the two large shoulder cannons to destroy Machine Beasts with its Big Cannon Burst (ビッグキャノンバースト Biggu Kyanon Bāsuto?) finisher.

King Pyramider

King Pyramider (キングピラミッダー Kingu Piramiddā?) is King Ranger's mecha, with Riki and Dorin placed in supended animation until King Pyramider returns to Earth several millennia later. It is a massive Pyramid that can cloak itself until summoned by King Ranger. King Pyramidder's true power can be seen when it convert to either Carrier Formation (キャリアフォーメーション Kyaria Fōmēshon?) or to a gigantic robot, Battle Formation (バトルフォーメーション Batoru Fōmēshon?) and is able to carry either the Super-Power Mobiles or Oh Blocker, as well as the Red Puncher. The finisher for the Battle Formation is the Super Legend Beam (スーパーレジェンドビーム Sūpā Rejendo Bīmu?) barrage. It transforms into either form whenever the commands "King Pyramider, Carrier Formation!" or "King Pyramider, Battle Formation!" are given. The bases of the left and right sides become the arms, the black section of the front becomes the feet as the legs are revealed, and the back side shows a black pyramid that becomes the head (the lower half of the front side shows the face).

Oh Blocker

Super-Heavy Combination Oh Blocker (超重合体オーブロッカー Chōjū Gattai Ō Burokkā?) is made up of the second set of mecha that the UAOH created, the Blocker Robos (ブロッカーロボ Burokkā Robo?) that come at the command "Blocker Robos, launch!". Red Blocker forms Oh Blocker's body. Green Blocker forms Oh Blocker's lower legs. Blue Blocker forms Oh Blocker's waist and upper legs. Yellow Blocker forms Oh Blocker's head, shoulders, and arms. Pink Blocker forms Oh Blocker's feet.

They are shaped as geometric shapes, respective to their Ohranger pilot's symbol. Could fire a beam from its forehead. Oh Blocker wields the Twin Blocken Swords (ツインブロッケン Tsuin Burokken Swordo?), with which it performs the Twin Blocken Thunder and the Twin Blocken Crash (ツインブロッケンクラッシュ Tsuin Burokken Kurasshu?) finisher. Each individual Blocker Robo can wield giant-sized versions of the Battle Stick and King Blaster, and the Ohranger's main weapons.

In the finale, Oh Blocker is captured by Baranoia, but it is freed by Gunmazin, and is piloted by King Ranger.

  • Red Blocker (レッドブロッカー Reddo Burokkā?): Star-shaped, Oh Red's blocker. Armed with the Star Head Attack (スターヘッドアタック Sutā Heddo Atakku?) and Red Star Fire.
  • Green Blocker (グリーンブロッカー Gurīn Burokkā?): Square-shaped, Oh Green's blocker. Armed with the Green Body Attack (グリーンボディアタック Gurīn Bodi Atakku?) and Green Enclose Net. Capable of operating underwater.
  • Blue Blocker (ブルーブロッカー Burū Burokkā?): Triangle-shaped, Oh Blue's blocker. Armed with the Blue Kick (ブルーキック Burū Kikku?) and Blue Freezing Storm.
  • Yellow Blocker (イエローブロッカー Ierō Burokkā?): Equal-sign-shaped, Oh Yellow's blocker. Armed with the Yellow Spinning Kick (イエロースプニングキック Ierō Supuningu Kikku?) and Yellow Lightning Flash.
  • Pink Blocker (ピンクブロッカー Pinku Burokkā?): Circle-shaped, Oh Pink's blocker. Armed with the Pink Skyline Chop (ピンクスカイラインチョップ Pinku Sukairain Choppu?) and Pink Impact Wave.

Tackle Boy

Tackle Boy (タックルボーイ Takkuru Bōi?) is a massive American Football Player robot, yet a dwarf compared to the other robots. It converts to a massive wheel (the back of the wheel is the feet, which reveals the head, and the sides are the arms). Artificially intelligent, Tackle Boy can be thrown by Oh Blocker for the Dynamite Tackle (ダイナマイトタックル Dainamaito Takkuru?) finisher.


  1. ^ Spelling used in Episode 14

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