Újpest-Városkapu (Budapest Metro)

Újpest-Városkapu (Budapest Metro)

Budapest Metro station
type=Cut-and-cover underground
platforms=2 side platforms
depth=3.61 m
line info=Budapest Metro line|previous=Gyöngyösi utca|line=M3|next=Újpest-Központ

Újpest-Városkapu (lit. "Újpest City Gate") is a station on the M3 (North-South) line of the Budapest Metro. It primarily serves the extreme southwest corner of District IV and northwest District XIII. Next to the station, there is a "Volánbusz" bus terminal (buses from northeastern suburbs).

The station and the tracks approaching it in both directions were constructed from the surface. Buildings formerly occupying the swath were not rebuilt. The southern portion of this area was transformed into a park and ride lot, while its northern part was developed into an informal park, promenade, and open space.


*Bus: 121, 122 Express, several bus from northeastern suburbs
*Rail: "Újpest" stop on BudapestEsztergom suburban line

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