Loxley, Warwickshire

Loxley, Warwickshire

Loxley, Warwickshire is a village near Stratford-upon-Avon, where it is supposed that Robin Hood was born and raised. Some believe that a certain Robert Fitz Oto is the true Robin Hood, as he owned Loxley Manor and his tombstone lies by Loxley Churchfact|date=April 2008.

The village gave its name to a hall of residence at the University of Warwick, within the Westwood campus.

There is also a village called Loxley in South Yorkshire, also mentioned as the birthplace of Robin Hood.So which Loxley are we talking about when we refer to the birthplace of Robin Hood ?In the Lonely Planet book is mentioned that there is a village called Loxley in Staffordshirewhere Robin Hood's father supposedly owned land. According to Lonely Planet the original nameof the village should be Lockesley and was supposed to be in Yorkshire or Nottinghamshire.

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