caption=Ann Weying as She-Venom.
real_name=Anne Weying (I) / Patricia Robertson (II)
publisher=Marvel Comics
debut=As Anne Weying, Amazing Spider-Man #375 (March, 1993), As "She-Venom," Venom: Sinner Take All 2. Patricia Robertson first appeared in Venom #1 of the 2003 Venom series. Robertson-Venom first appears in Venom #10.
creators= Ann Weying was created by David Michelinie (writer), Mark Bagley (artist). Patricia Robertson was created by Daniel Way (writer), Francisco Herrera (artist).
status=Deceased (I) / Uncertain (II)
aliases=Anne Brock (I) / Robertson, Pat (II)
relatives=Eddie Brock (Venom, Ex-Husband) (I) / Unnamed mother (II)
*Has all of Spider-Man's abilities
*Cannot be detected by Spider-Man's spider sense|

She-Venom is the name of two fictional characters in Marvel comics. The first She-Venom, Ann Weying, was the ex-wife of Eddie Brock. The second was Communications Specialist Patricia Robertson, the host of the Venom-clone.

Fictional character biography

he-Venom (Ann Weying)

Ann Weying first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #375. She was Eddie Brock's ex-wife, a successful lawyer. In Ann Weying's first appearance, she is a brunette with glasses. In later appearances she loses the glasses and goes blonde. Weying assisted Spider-Man by sharing some of Eddie's history with him. Later, she followed Spider-Man to the amusement park where Venom had Peter's (fake) parents. She confronted her insane ex-husband, and managed to convince Eddie to give up his vendetta. Later, Sin-Eater shot Ann, who became She-Venom when the symbiote temporarily bonded with her to save her life.

She-Venom then lashed out against the men who had hurt her with such violence that Eddie became afraid for her (and of her) and compelled the symbiote back to him. Ann retched upon seeing the pile of bodies she had left behind. She screamed, "That thing made me do that!" Eddie replied, "It can't make you do anything you don't really want to do." Later the police incarcerated Ann on a false charge (unrelated to Ann's rampage above) in order to trap Venom. Ann used her one phone call to warn Eddie and make him promise not to come. He promised that Eddie Brock wouldn't come to save her and instead sent his Other (the symbiote) through the phonelines to her. After it bonded with her she was able to break herself out of prison.

Ann Weying committed suicide after spotting Spider-Man webslinging in an older black costume at a time when his regular red and blue suit had been stolen. [Amazing Spider-Man vol. 2 19] Ann, still reeling from the experience of bonding with the symbiote months earlier and unable to deal with the return of Eddie Brock into her life -- coupled with Brock's transformation into Venom directly in front of her as he ran off to kill Spider-Man -- sent her over the edge, and she leapt from her high rise apartment to her death. Her death is later confirmed when her tombstone is shown. [Amazing Spider-Man vol. 2 #22]

he-Venom (Patricia Robertson)

Another She-Venom can be found in the form of Patricia Robertson in the 2003 Venom series.

Patricia Robertson was a communications specialist for the U.S. Army stationed at a radar installation in Canada near the Arctic Circle. She had joined the army in order to "prove herself" but got more than she bargained for. During a routine supply run to an outpost owned by the Ararat Corporation, she stumbled upon a grisly scene: everyone at the installation was dead except for one lone scientist locked in the freezer. She brought the survivor back to base for medical attention, then people began dying there as well. It was revealed that the Ararat Corporation was run by an alien colony of miniature spider robots that infiltrated the American government. These creatures were partially led by an entity named Bob.

These creatures had cloned Venom in order to fulfill their objective: extermination of the human race. The clone would burn out its hosts' life, unlike the real Venom (traits which seem to be a throwback to the invading symbiotes seen in Planet of the Symbiotes). Bob had the clone released and it caused the slaughter of the outpost.

The Venom clone hitched a ride on the survivor back to base, despite the best efforts of Robertson and her new ally. The mysterious Suit was made of the same robots as Bob, which was revealed to have been unwittingly brought to Earth by Reed Richards and made into a special agent by Nick Fury. It is unclear if the Suit's loyalties lie with Nick Fury or Bob, if either. Meanwhile, the genetically altered symbiote killed all of Patricia's friends and coworkers. While Robertson was unconscious, the Suit cybernetically altered her, shaving her head, attaching a metal pipe in it, and placing a control collar on her so that in case the symbiote clone bonded with her she could control it. Meanwhile, Ararat Co. and the spider-robots nuked Voici, Canada leaving the symbiote with few options. After the Suit sabotaged the symbiote's favored host, Wolverine, it was forced to jump to the last surviving potential host, Robertson.

One of Bob’s agents, disguised as the Suit, told Robertson that she had to kill the real Venom or the symbiotes would destroy all of humanity. Attempting to get to Venom, she freed him from S.H.I.E.L.D. custody. Their first fight was broken up by the real Suit, and the electrocuted Venom retreated. The Suit chided Robertson for coming to New York due to there being many people in the city and all of the population could be in danger if the symbiote clone jumped hosts.

Meanwhile, Bob remotely deactivated Patricia's control collar so that nothing restrained the symbiote but Patricia's willpower. Robertson continued trying to kill Venom, beating up Spider-Man when he got in the way. She was captured by the Fantastic Four, who used her as bait to lure Venom into a trap. Unfortunately, Spider-Man’s interference and the strength and craftiness of Venom caused the trap to fail. Fighting again, Venom absorbed Robertson’s symbiote clone, as Bob hoped, and increased in size and decided to carry out the Ararat Corporation's goals. Patricia's fate is uncertain, and the entire plot has gone unresolved.


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