Trojan War (film)

Trojan War (film)

name =Trojan War

writer =Andy Burg
Scott Myers
starring =Will Friedle
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Marley Shelton
director =George Huang
producer =Charles Gordon
Gene Levy
distributor =New Line
released =September 26, 1997
runtime =84 min.
language =English
budget =
music =
awards =
imdb_id =0120376

"Trojan War" is a 1997 romantic comedy directed by George Huang. It stars Will Friedle, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Marley Shelton.

It's about a high school student named Brad (Friedle), who's had an unrequited crush on a classmate named Brooke (Marley Shelton) for years, and what happens when she asks him to come over one night to tutor her. While he's at her house, she ends up wanting to have sex with him. But she only wants safe sex, and he doesn't have a condom. So he goes out to buy some, but he runs into all sorts of trouble; his dad's car gets stolen, he has a run-in with a crazy bus driver, he's held hostage, and is nearly arrested.

After all of this, he realizes that the perfect girl has been there for him all along (his best friend Leah, played by Jennifer Love Hewitt); and Brooke isn't as great as he thought she was.

The use of Trojan in the title is an obvious pun on the condom brand.

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