Great Britain at the 1952 Summer Olympics

Great Britain at the 1952 Summer Olympics

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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland competed as Great Britain at the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki, Finland. British athletes have competed in every Summer Olympic Games. Indeed, it is the only country in the world to have won at least one gold medal at every Summer Olympic Games: in 1952, they achieved their only gold medal during the last event of the last day of competition in Helsinki. This was Great Britain's lowest ever medal count.



* Harry Llewellyn, Duggie Stewart, and Wilf White — Equestrian, Jumping Team Competition


* Sheila Lerwill — Athletics, Women's High Jump

* Charles Currey — Sailing, Men's Finn Individual Competition


* Emmanuel McDonald Bailey — Athletics, Men's 100 metres

* John Disley — Athletics, Men's 3000m Steeplechase

* Heather Armitage, Sylvia Cheeseman, Jean Desforges, and June Foulds-Paul — Athletics, Women's 4x100 metres Relay

* Shirley Cawley — Athletics, Women's Long Jump

* Donald Burgess, George Newberry, Alan Newton, and Ronald Stretton — Cycling, Men's 4000m Team Pursuit

* Helen Gordon — Swimming, Women's 200m Breaststroke

* Kenneth Richmond — Wrestling, Men's Freestyle Heavyweight

* Denys Carnill, John Cockett, John Conroy, Graham Dadds, Derek Day, Dennis Eagan, Robin Fletcher, Roger Midgley, Richard Norris, Neil Nugent, Anthony Nunn, Anthony Robinson, and John Taylor — Field Hockey, Men's Team Competition

Results by event


Men's 100 metres
* Emmanuel McDonald Bailey:* First Round – 10.4s:* First Round – 10.5s:* Semifinals – 10.5s:* Final – 10.4s (→ Bronze Medal)


Men's Flyweight:
* David Dower:# First Round – Defeated Abdelamid Boutefnouchet of France (3 – 0):# Second Round – Defeated Leslie Donovan Perera Handunge of Ceylon (3 – 0):# Third Round – Lost to Anatoli Bulakov of Soviet Union (1 – 2)

Men's Bantamweight:
* Thomas Nicholls:# First Round – Lost to Pentti Olavi Hämäläinen of Finland (0 – 3)

Men's Featherweight:
* Percival Lewis:# First Round – Lost to Georghe Ilie of Romania (0 – 3)

Men's Lightweight:
* Frederick Reardon:# First Round – Defeated Roger Cuche of Switzerland (KO 3R):# Second Round – Defeated Aleksandr Zasuhin of Soviet Union (0 – 3):# Third Round – Lost to Aleksy Antkiewicz of Poland (0 – 3)

Men's Light Welterweight:
* Peter Waterman:# First Round – Defeated Oscar Juan Galardo of Argentina (2 – 1):# Second Round – Lost to Alexander Grant Webster of South Africa (0 – 3)

Men's Welterweight:
* John Maloney :# First Round – Lost to Július Torma of Czechoslovakia (1 – 2)

Men's Light Middleweight:
* Bernard Foster:# First Round – Lost to Petar Stankoff Spassoff of Bulgaria (1 – 2)

Men's Middleweight:
* Terence Gooding:# First Round – Defeated Moustafa Mohamed Fahim of Egypt (2 – 1):# Second Round – Lost to Boris Georgiev Nikolov of Bulgaria (2 – 1)

Men's Light Heavyweight:
* Henry Cooper :# Second Round – Lost to Anatoli Perov of Soviet Union (1 – 2)

Men's Heavyweight:
* Edgar Hearn:# First Round – Defeated José Victorio Sartor of Argentina (2 – 1) :# Third Round – Lost to Ilkka Rickhard Koski of Finland (0 – 3)


Road Competition

Men's Individual Road Race (190.4 km)
*Desmond Robinson — 5:18:08.9 (→ 26th place)
*Brian Robinson — 5:18:08.9 (→ 27th place)
*Graham Vines — 5:22:33.2 (→ 31st place)
*Leslie Ingman — did not finish (→ no ranking)

Track Competition

Men's 1.000m Time Trial
*Donald McKellow:* Final — 1:13.3 (→ 5th place)

Men's 1.000m Sprint Scratch Race
*Cyril Peacock — 4th place

Men's 4.000m Team Pursuit
*Alan Newton, Donald Burgess, George Newberry, and Ronald Stretton :* Bronze Medal Match — defeated France (→ Bronze Medal)


Men's 3m Springboard
*Anthony Turner:* Final — 151.90 points (→ 7th place)

*Peter Heatly:* Preliminary Round — 63.37 points (→ 16th place)

*Peter Elliott:* Preliminary Round — 61.85 points (→ 20th place)

Women's 10m Platform
*Phyllis Long:* Preliminary Round — 43.23 points:* Final — 63.19 points (→ 5th place)

*Diana Spencer:* Preliminary Round — 43.16 points:* Final — 60.76 points (→ 7th place)

*Valerie Lloyd-Chandos:* Preliminary Round — 35.39 points (→ 12th place)

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