Santa Cruz Island (Galápagos)

Santa Cruz Island (Galápagos)

Santa Cruz Island is one of the Galápagos Islands with an area of 986 km² and a maximum altitude of 864 metres.

Situated in the centre of the archipelago, Santa Cruz Canton is the second largest island after Isabela. Its capital is Puerto Ayora, the most populated urban centre in the islands. On Santa Cruz there are some small villages, whose inhabitants work in agriculture and cattle raising. This island is a large dormant volcano. It is estimated that the last eruptions occurred around a million and a half years ago.

As a testimony to its volcanic history there are two big holes formed by the collapse of a magma chamber: Media Luna and Los Gemelos.

Named after the Holy Cross, its English name (Indefatigable) was given after a British vessel (HMS|Indefatigable). Santa Cruz hosts the largest human population in the archipelago at the town of Puerto Ayora.

Points of Interest

*Charles Darwin Research Station
* Headquarters of the Galápagos National Park Service
* lava tunnels.
* Giant Tortoise Preserves
* Black Turtle Cove
* Cerro Dragón
* Tortuga Bay
* Los Gemelos


* [ Santa Cruz Island Information]

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