University of Canterbury Engineering Society Inc. (ENSOC)

University of Canterbury Engineering Society Inc. (ENSOC)

company_name = University of Canterbury Engineering Society Inc. (ENSOC)
company_type = Incorporated Society
foundation = Wed, 19th May 1897
location = Christchurch, New Zealand
num_members = 2,500+
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The University of Canterbury Engineering Society Inc. or ENSOC was founded by Professor Robert Julian Scott in the reign of Queen Victoria on May 19, 1897. At the time the School of Engineering was only 10 years old and the Society was established as a medium for scholars to discuss important engineering issues and fraternize. As such, it is one of the oldest surviving student clubs at the University of Canterbury; only being younger than the Christian Union by a couple of months. ENSOC is the largest elective club at the University.

ENSOC is an incorporated society whose constitutional objectives include:
*To hold meetings at which papers may be presented, or addresses given, on engineering or allied subjects.
*To assist members to understand the conduct of meetings, presenting papers, and promote knowledge desirable to practice as a professional engineer.
*To further the cultural, educational, engineering and allied interests of members of the Society in particular and the School of Engineering in general.

ocial Events

ENSOC holds a number of key social events over the academic year.
*Barbecues - it is renowned on campus for its once-a-term barbecues
*Back to School Pub Crawl - an ancient event stretching back to 1948. Participants dress in school uniform and make their way around a number of pubs in central Christchurch on an autumn afternoon.
*The Engineering Ball - the largest Formal Ball on campus.
*Undie 500 Car Rally - Car decoration procession and pub crawl from Christchurch to Dunedin. Cars cost less than NZD$500 and must have all registration and inspection certification and be driven by a dedicated sober driver. The 355 km (220 mi) trip usually takes 10 hours to complete.

porting Events

ENSOC has a long history of successful sporting exploits.
*Marlowe Cup - an InterUniversityFaculty event unique in New Zealand. The competition involves a range of sporting pursuits between the University School of Engineering and Otago University Surveying Department (previously School of Mines, School of Technology) over a weekend and is held in each city on alternate years. Since its inception in honour of Honorary Life Member Thomas Marlowe in 1955 the backbone of the competition has been a game of rugby union.
*Engineers XV - the oldest rugby team at the University, it competes in the local social grade and participates in the annual fixtures representing the School of Engineering (Marlowe Cup, Brockett Cup, Inter-Faculty Cup, Hocken Boot).
*Tug-o-war - held on the second to last day of lectures between various years and disciplines of engineering. It occurs across the nearby Okeover Stream (formerly known as "The Ditch").

Academic Activities

*Intermediate Mentoring - ENSOC organise an end of semester coaching series for struggling intermediates (). The coaching is typing undertaken by members of the ENSOC Committee and other final year engineering students and capitalises on the positive role model status of its coaches. The activities include assistance with homework, individual "pep-talks", miniature construction activities.
*Student Representation - The ENSOC Chairman along with 5 other members selected by the ENSOC Committee represent student interests at the monthly College of Engineering Faculy meetings. The Chairman is consulted by senior members of the College and Faculty on matters of interest to students and may attend Head of Department meetings on a casual basis.
*The Templin Scroll - a competition to reward the best technical paper presented before the Society. It was instituted by Honorary Life Member J. R. Templin in 1941.

Industry Related Activities

*E3 - ENSOC Engineering Expo - ENSOC in association with the College of Engineering operate a one day event showcasing local, national and international engineering firms keen to recruit new graduates as well as summer interns. The day is beneficial for intermediate students unsure of which stream to select. Firms typically set up a stand in the School of Engineering concourse and can also provide a 20 minute presentation in adjoining lecture rooms with question and answer sessions to finish.
*IPENZ Canterbury Branch - ENSOC members are invited to attend the activities of the local IPENZ branch. These usually consist of presentation followed by a social hour and site visits to matters of local engineering interest. The ENSOC Chairman is ex-officio a member of IPENZ Canterbury Branch Committee.
* [ Engineers of NZ] - (SENZ) - ENSOC is a foundation member of this fledging national engineering student body. Since its inception in 2004 ENSOC has provided the majority of attendees and won all its competitions. At the 2007 SENZ national symposium, Kent Pohio became the first ENSOC committee member to be elected as President of SENZ, and also the first Maori President of SENZ.


ENSOC operate a stationary shop at arms length from the main organisation. The shop also operates as an information desk for the Society and the School. It has been known to be in operation from before 1960 and is run by a shopkeeper interviewed and selected by the outgoing committee at the end of each year. As shop staff are volunteers prices are close to cost price.

Famous Office Bearers

*T R Burt - Secretary 1897 - Founder of the modern [| Master Trade] and [| PDL Brand]
*Robert Julian Scott - President/Patron 1897 - 1922 - Founder of the School of Engineering and cousin of Antarctic explorer Robert Falcon Scott

External links

* [ ENSOC Website]
* [ ENSOC Undie 500]

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