1872 in sports

1872 in sports

in?=in sports
cp=18th century
c=19th century
cf=20th century



*The National Association (NA) permits pitching with a wrist snap, practically legalizing the Mutual of New York (NA).
*Multiple NABBP champions Eckford and Atlantic from Brooklyn, New York join the NA but neither will regain prominence.
*The original Boston Red Stockings win the NA pennant, beginning a four-year run


*March 16 - In the inaugural FA Cup final, Wanderers beat Royal Engineers 1–0 at the Kennington Oval
*November 30 - The first international match is played: Scotland and England draw 0-0
*Kettering Town football club are founded.


*British Open - Tom Morris, Jr.


*Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race - Cambridge


*January 11 — Wilfred Baddeley, British tennis player (d. 1929)
*January 26 — Arthur Blake, American athlete (d. 1944)
*April 25 — C. B. Fry, England cricketer and rugby international, long jump champion
*August 18 — Adolf Schmal, Austrian fencer and cyclist (d. 1919)
*October 14 — Momcsilló Tapavicza, Hungarian tennis player, weightlifter and wrestler (d. 1949)

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