1724 in literature

1724 in literature

The year 1724 in literature involved some significant events and new books.


* The performance of Johann Sebastian Bach's "St. John Passion"

New books

* Anonymous - "A Narrative of All the Robberies, Escapes, &c. of John Sheppard" (attrib. Daniel Defoe)
* Gilbert Burnet - "Bishop Burnet's History of His Own Time" vol i
* Samuel Clarke - "Sermons of Samuel Clarke"
* Anthony Collins - "Discourse of the Grounds and Reasons of the Christian Religion", with "An Apology for Free Debate and Liberty of Writing"
* Matthew Concanen - "Miscellaneous Poems"
* Mary Davys - "The Reform'd Captive" (fiction)
* Daniel Defoe - ""
** - "A New Voyage Round the World"
** - "A Tour Thro' the Whole Island of Great Britain"
* John Dennis - "Vice and Luxury Publick Mischiefs" (on Mandeville)
* Richard Fiddes - "A General Treatise of Morality" (on Mandeville)
** - "The Life of Cardinal Wolsey"
* Eliza Haywood - "La Belle Assemblé"
** - "The Fatal Secret" (fiction)
** - "Lasselia"
** - "The Masqueraders"
** - "Poems on Several Occasions"
* Thomas Hearne - "Robert of Gloucester's Chronicle"
* Edward Hyde, 1st Earl of Clarendon - "An Appendix to the History of the Grand Rebellion"
* William Law - "Remarks Upon a Late Book" (against Mandeville)
* John Oldmixon - "The Critical History of England, Ecclesiastical and Civil"
* Allan Ramsay - "The Ever Green: Being a collection of Scots Poems"
** - "Health"
* Paul de Rapin - "L'Histoire d'Angleterre"
* Richard Stukeley - "Itinerarium Curiosum"
* Jonathan Swift - "A Letter to the Shop-keepers... of Ireland" (as "M.B. Drapier")
** - "A Letter to Mr. Harding the Printer" (as Drapier)
** - "Some Observations Upon a Paper Relating to Wood's Half-pence" (as Drapier)
** - "A Letter to the Whole People of Ireland" (Drapier)
** - "A Letter to the Right Honourable the Lord Viscount Molesworth" (last of the "Drapier letters")
** - "Seasonable Advice"
* Elizabeth Tollet - "Poems on Several Occasions"
* Voltaire - "La Henriade"
* Leonard Welsted - "Epistles, Odes, &c."

New drama

* Colley Cibber - "Caesar in Aegypt"
* John Gay - "The Captives"
* Eliza Haywood - "A Wife to be Lett"
* Ludvig Holberg - "Henrik and Pernille"
* William Philips - "Belisarius"
* Richard Savage - "The Tragedy of Sir Thomas Overbury"


* January 24 - Frances Brooke, novelist and dramatist (died 1789)
* April 22 - Immanuel Kant philosopher (died 1804)
* July 2 - Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock, poet (died 1803) )
* October 31 - Christopher Anstey, poet (died 1805)
* December 13 - Franz Aepinus, philosopher (died 1802)
*"date unknown" - Frances Sheridan, novelist, dramatist and mother of Richard Brinsley Sheridan (died 1766)
* William Gilpin


* January 6 - Chikamatsu Monzaemon, Japanese author (born c.1654)
* February 12 - Elkanah Settle, dramatist (born 1648)
* October 29 - William Wollaston, English philosophical writer (born 1659)
* "date unknown"
**Charles Gildon, critic and dramatist (born c.1665)
**Pierre Hellies - Provencal poet

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