1886 in sports

1886 in sports

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*World Series - St Louis AA defeats Chicago NL, 4 games to 2.
*The Sporting News established in St. Louis.

Football (Soccer)

*March 13 - Tinsley Lindley scores in the first of his record 9 consecutive England games
*March 20 - John Lambie becomes the youngest Scotland player and captain, aged 17 years and 92 days.
*May 10 - The Football Association approves a proposal made by N. Lane Jackson, an Old Corinthian, that players be given a cap for every international match in which they take part.
*FA Cup - Blackburn Rovers beat West Bromwich Albion 0-0 (aet); 2-0.
*Dial Square F.C., a workers' team from the Royal Arsenal is founded, and plays its first match on December 11. The club will eventually become known as Arsenal F.C.


*British Open - David Brown
*British Amateur - Horace Hutchinson

Horse racing

*May 14 - Ben Ali wins the Kentucky Derby

Ice hockey

* December 8 - The world's first championship ice hockey league, the Amateur Hockey Association of Canada (AHAC) is formed at a meeting in Montreal, Canada.


*Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race - Cambridge

Yacht racing

*The New York Yacht Club retains the America's Cup as "Mayflower" defeats British challenger "Galatea", of the Royal Northern Yacht Club, 2 races to 0


*The Hockey Association founded in England to codify the rules of field hockey


*January 4 — Torsten Kumfeldt, Swedish water polo player (d. 1966)
*March 12 — Vittorio Pozzo, Italian football (soccer) coach (d, 1968)
* April 29 — Reggie Pridmore, British field hockey and cricket player (d. 1918)
* July 16 — Brand Evers, Dutch athlete (d. 1952)
* August 20 — Henk van der Wal, Dutch track and field athlete (d. 1982)
* September 25 — May Sutton, US Open and Wimbledon tennis chamnpion (d. 1975)


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