1887 in sports

1887 in sports

in?=in sports
cp=18th century
c=19th century
cf=20th century



*World Series - Detroit NL defeats St Louis AA 10 games to 5.
*The two major leagues NL and AA agree to one set of rules.
*The National Colored Base Ball League plays for a few weeks before folding.
*Five black men play in the International League, the highest minor league, the high-water mark in racial integration of professional baseball.

=Football (Australian rules) =

*Carlton Football Club wins the Victorian Football Association premiership
*Jack Worrall awarded the honor of Champion Of The Colony
*Norwood Football Club wins the South Australian Football Association premiership
*Unions Football Club wins the Western Australian Football Association premiership

Football (Soccer)

*FA Cup - Aston Villa beat West Bromwich Albion 2-0
*Barnsley F.C. formed
*Hamburger SV formed


*British Open - Willie Park, Jnr.
*British Amateur - Horace Hutchinson

Horse Racing

*May 11 - Montrose wins the Kentucky Derby


*Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race - Cambridge

Yacht racing

*The New York Yacht Club retains the America's Cup as "Volunteer" defeats British challenger "Thistle", of the Royal Clyde Yacht Club, 2 races to 0


*February 26 — Grover Cleveland Alexander, American baseball player (d. 1950)
*March 9 — Phil Mead, English cricketer (d. 1958)
*April 15 — Mike Brady, American golfer (d. 1972)
*May 2 — Eddie Collins, American baseball player (d. 1951)
*May 26 — Paul Lukas, Hungarian-born actor (d. 1971)
*May 28 — Jim Thorpe, American athlete (d. 1953)
*July 16 — Shoeless Joe Jackson, American baseball player (d. 1951)
*July 24 — Gerard Bosch van Drakestein, Dutch track cyclist (d. 1972)
*August 24 — Harry Hooper, American baseball player (d. 1974)
*September 26 — Frigyes Wiesner, Hungarian athlete (d. 1938)
*September 28 — Avery Brundage, American sports official (d. 1975)
*October 30 — Victor Henny, Dutch athlete (d. 1941)
*November 6 — Walter Johnson, American baseball player (d. 1946)


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