1892 in sports

1892 in sports

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Athletics (track and field)

*C. B. Fry equals the world record for the long jump of 23 ft. 5in - the record stands for 18 months.


*First official game of basketball played at a YMCA in Springfield, Massachusetts (January).


*The "National League and American Association" is the sole major league in baseball after incorporating four AA clubs in the National League and buying out the four others.
*The League plays a split season, Boston winning the first half, Cleveland winning the second, and Boston winning the following championship series. The experiment will not be repeated but it will be adapted after two-month interruption of the 1981 season.


*County Cricket Championship - Surrey

American Football

*William "Pudge" Heffelfinger is paid $500 by the Allegheny Athletic Association to play in a game against the Pittsburgh Athletic Club, making Heffelfinger the first professional football player.

Football (soccer)


*Football League - Sunderland win the 1891-92 title.
*FA Cup - West Bromwich Albion beat Aston Villa 3-0.
*The Football League absorbs the Football Alliance, and divided into two divisions. The First Division contains sixteen teams (mostly former League clubs), and the Second Division contains twelve (mostly former Alliance clubs) for the 1892-93 season.


* Vitesse Arnhem, a Dutch football club, is founded on May 14.


* Hertha BSC Berlin 1892, a German soccer club, is founded on July 25


*British Open - Harold Hilton
*British Amateur - John Ball

Horse racing

*May 11: African-American jockey Alonzo "Lonnie" Clayton, age 15, became the youngest rider to ever win the Kentucky Derby when he was on board Azra.

Ice hockey

* March 2 - Ottawa Hockey Club wins its third straight Ontario Hockey Association (OHA) title, defeating Toronto Osgoode Hall 10–4.
* March 7 - The Montreal Hockey Club defeats Ottawa 1–0 to win its fifth straight Amateur Hockey Association of Canada (AHAC) title.
* March 18 - At a celebration dinner to honour the Ottawa Hockey Club, Lord Stanley, the Governor-General of Canada announces his new trophy to be awarded to the ice hockey champions of Canada. Originally known as the "Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup", it is better known today as the Stanley Cup, the championship trophy of the National Hockey League (NHL).

Ice skating

* The International Skating Union, the governing body for ice skating, founded in the Netherlands.


*Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race - Oxford


*June 8 — Giuseppe Campari, Italian racing driver (d. 1933)
*November 3 — Lindley Murray, American tennis player (d. 1970)
*November 16 — Tazio Nuvolari, Italian champion racing driver (d. 1953)
*December 17 — Sam Barry, Hall of Fame basketball coach (d. 1950)


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