1637 in literature

1637 in literature

The year 1637 in literature involved some significant events.


*"Hamlet" is performed before King Charles I and Queen Henrietta Maria at Hampton Court Palace on January 24.
*On October 2, the London theatres re-open; they had been closed almost continuously since May 1636, due to a severe outbreak of bubonic plague.
* The King's Men mount a production for the Court of William Cartwright's "The Royal Slave", a play that was first staged at Christ Church, Oxford the previous year. The company is paid an extra £30 "for their pains in studying and acting" the drama.

New books

*René Descartes - "Discours de la Méthode"
*Thomas Heywood - "Pleasant Dialogues and Dramas"
*Marin Mersenne - "Universal Harmony"
*María de Zayas y Sotomayor - "Novelas amorosas y ejemplares"
* Five plays by James Shirley are published in individual editions - "The Example," "The Gamester," "Hyde Park," "The Lady of Pleasure," and "The Young Admiral"

New drama

*Pedro Calderón de la Barca - "El Tetrarca" published
*John Fletcher and Philip Massinger - "The Elder Brother" published.
*François Tristan l'Hermite - "Penthée"
*Thomas Heywood - "The Royal King and the Loyal Subject" published
*John Milton - "Comus" (masque) published
*Thomas Nabbes - "Microcosmus, a Moral Masque"
*Thomas Neale - "The Warde"
*Joseph Rutter - "The Cid, Part 1" published
*James Shirley - five plays published in five single-play quartos: "The Example, The Gamester, Hyde Park, The Lady of Pleasure," and "The Young Admiral"
*Sir John Suckling - "Aglaura"
*George Wilde - "The Converted Robber"


*William Alexander, 1st Earl of Stirling - "Recreations of the Muses"
*James Day - "A New Spring of Divine Poetry"
*Thomas Jordan - "Poetical Varieties"
*Shackerley Marmion - "Cupid and Psyche", a 2000-line translation and adaptation of "The Golden Ass" of Apuleius


*December 24 - Pierre Jurieu, Protestant theologian (died 1713)
*December 30 - William Cave, theologian (died 1713)
*"date unknown" - Zeb-un-Nisa, Sufi poet (died 1702)
*"probable" - Robert Ferguson, pamphleteer (died 1714)


*February - Gervase Markham, poet (born c.1568)
*February 24 - Dominicus Arumaeus, Dutch legal writer (born 1579)
*March 19 - Péter Pázmány, Hungarian philosopher and theologian (born 1570)
*May 19 - Isaac Beeckman, philosopher and diarist (born 1588)
*August 6 - Ben Jonson, poet and dramatist (born c.1572)
*August 10 - Johann Gerhard, Lutheran theologian (born 1582)
*October 5 - Daniel Cramer, Lutheran theologian and dramatist (born 1568)

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