Wilco (disambiguation)

Wilco (disambiguation)

__NOTOC__Wilco may refer to:


* A term used in voice procedure for communications over two-way radios, used to indicate agreement and compliance: Will Comply.


*Down with Wilco, the fifth album by American rock band The Minus 5
*Wilco, American rock band based in Chicago, Illinois


*Wilco Melissant, a Dutch arthouse director


* Williamson County, Texas
* Williamson County, Tennessee


* An Australian manufacturer of electrical mains fittings, in particular three phase fittings. The "Wilco 530" is the standard connector for lighting power outlets in Australian entertainment venues, supplying 240/415 volt power at 30 amperes per phase plus a neutral and ground. Several other manufacturers make compatible fittings.
* "Wilco AG", a Swiss company that designs and supplies leak detectors. [http://www.wilco.com/ Homepage]
* A petroleum distribution company based in Winston-Salem, NC
* Wilco (farm supply cooperative), a small chain of agricultural cooperative stores in the U.S. states of Oregon and Washington

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*Roger Wilco, disambiguation page

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