Can-Am Connection

Can-Am Connection

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The Can-Am Connection was a tag team composed of Rick Martel and Tom Zenk in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) through 1986 and 1987.

Career Highlights

In 1986, Martel returned to the WWF with his then tag team partner, the American Tom Zenk, as the Can-Am Connection. The Can-Am Connection had been formed by Martel in the Montreal International Wrestling Association in 1986. Tom Zenk was the boyfriend of Martel's sister-in-law, and had been introduced to Martel in the AWA by Curt Hennig.

The team made their WWF in-ring debut on October 23, 1986 against the team of Steve Lombardi (later the Brooklyn Brawler) & Moondog Spot which they won.cite web
url =
title = WWF Ring Results 1986
accessmonthday = 12 February
accessyear = 2007
author = Graham Cawthon
date = 2007-02-5
] The Can Am Connection contested a series of matches with former tag-team champions The Dream Team (Brutus Beefcake & Greg Valentine) and the team of Don Muraco & Bob Orton Jr., a team they would face and defeat at WrestleMania III. The Can-Am Connection quickly garnered the affections of fans with their good looks, well defined physiques and polished tag-team moves,Fact|date=April 2007 great things were predicted for this team.Fact|date=April 2007 The Can Am Connection's last feud would be against The Islanders, a feud that began on WWF Superstars of Wrestling in the summer of 1987. In this match, the Islanders turned heel by revealing their association with manager Bobby "The Brain" Heenan.

Shortly after this match Tom Zenk left the WWF due to a pay dispute, wrestling their last match together on July 9, 1987 against the Islanders.cite web
url =
title = WWF Ring Results 1987
accessmonthday = 12 February
accessyear = 2007
author = Graham Cawthon
date = 2007-02-05
] To this day Tom Zenk and Rick Martel have differing opinions on the matter of why Tom Zenk left the WWF cite web
url =
title = Tom Zenk interview
] cite web
url =
title = Slam! Wrestling interview with Rick Martel
] , all but eliminating the chance of a Can-Am Connection reunion.

The Spinoff

When Zenk left Martel initially carried on the feud with the Islanders on his own but was soon paired up with Tito Santana to tackle the Samoan duo, spinning the ill fated Can-Am Connection off to Strike Force who went on to win the WWF World Tag-Team Titles.


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