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Lady Mastermind


caption=Lady Mastermind
Art by Chris Bachalo.
character_name=Lady Mastermind
real_name=Regan Wyngarde
species=Human Mutant
publisher=Marvel Comics
debut="X-Treme X-Men" #6 (December 2001)
creators=Chris Claremont
Salvador Larroca
alliances=Marauders X-Men Hellfire Club
powers=Illusion casting,

Lady Mastermind (Regan Wyngarde) is a fictional character, a supervillain in the Marvel Comics universe. Created by Chris Claremont and Salvador Larroca, she first appeared in "X-Treme X-Men" #6 (December 2001).

Fictional character biography

X-Treme X-Men

Lady Mastermind is one of two daughters of Jason Wyngarde, the original Mastermind. She has an intense hatred for her half-sister, Martinique. She was originally involved in a plot created by Sebastian Shaw to have his revenge against Sage and gain control of the Sydney underworld.

In an attempt to make Sage work for Shaw again, Lady Mastermind placed her in a series of illusions. However, with the assistance of Lifeguard, Sage was able to break the illusion and reflect Regan's powers back against her, leaving her in a vegetative state.

Joining The X-Men

Regan is one of few mutants that retained their superhuman powers after M-Day. Cannonball and Iceman find a comatose Regan, along with a partially disassembled Karima Shapandar ["X-Men" vol. 2 #188] . It was stated that Regan fell victim to scientists of the Fordyce Clinic who were trying to determine if a person can catch mutation like a disease.

Regan finally awakened from her coma after her powers had been temporarily hijacked by Serafina. She is now part of Rogue's strike force/field team, but Rogue told Regan that she is only wearing the X-Men uniform because she was found with nothing more than a white sheet. Soon afterwards, the team was ambushed by Pandemic's forces, which captured Rogue and teleported to an unknown location. Eventually, Karima Shapandar was able to restart the teleportation device, but things did not go exactly as planned. Regan was teleported up high into the air and fell from an enormous height. Luckily, Iceman managed to catch her before she hit the ground. Mystique, who was also teleported by the machine, was not as lucky as she was, and vanished. Regan and Iceman soon regrouped with Karima Shapandar, and the trio began to search for Pandemic. They find Pandemic and defeat him but Rogue is infected with Strain 88 in the process. The team goes to Cable's island utopia of Providence to find a cure for Rogue. While there the island is attacked by an ancient Shi'ar superweapon known as the Hetacomb, forcing Regan and the rest of the team to fight the psionic horror. The weapon is eventually defeated thanks to Rogue's power-absorption abilities, now supercharged due to Strain 88.


When Rogue's team of X-Men goes to one of Mystique's safe-houses an intruder alarm later goes off. Initially confused by the seemingly invisible nature of their opponents, the X-Men are caught off guard when Regan drops her illusionary cloak to reveal the Marauders. Regan later fights alongside the other Marauders in Flint, Michigan, against Iceman and Cannonball, as both sides try to obtain the Diaries of Destiny.


Along with fellow Marauders Sunfire, Gambit, Prism, Blockbuster, Malice and Scalphunter, Regan travels to Cooperstown, Alaska to find the baby but instead come across the Purifiers and they come to blows.

The next time Regan is seen is when the X-Men send a strike force to confront the Marauders. Working with Malice, she disguises an unconscious Scrambler as Angel and Malice drops him on Wolverine cancelling out his healing factor. Malice says this illusion is courtesy and Regan boasts how she is a retired X-Man. Nightcrawler teleports in and kicks her in the head knocking her out.

When the X-Men, X-Factor and X-Force arrive on Muir Island, Lady Mastermind attempts to cast an illusion to hide the Marauders. However, Wolverine picks up her scent and stabs her in the chest. ["X-Factor" #27]

Powers and abilities

Lady Mastermind possesses the mutant power to project extremely convincing and realistic illusions into the minds of others, the same ability her father had.

Her illusions are hypnotic, and her victims tend to accept them as fact, even when the images and scenarios they are confronted with involve sudden changes to the world around them, or are inconsistent or improbable (for example, Rogue, when under Lady Mastermind's control, did not question the sudden existence of a multitude of Vargases, or the random jumps in location and time she was experiencing). As such, they can be used as a very effective brainwashing tool.

Regan's powers can also kill, as her victims' bodies respond as if her illusions are real. She confronted Viceroy with the illusion that he was drowning, and believing it to be real, he suffocated, despite having no physical injuries and being in a room with sufficient oxygen. Heather Cameron's body also responded in a similar way, bleeding through the pores in her back when she was under the illusion she had been stabbed.

Also, her illusions can put enemies in a coma-like state, by telepathically putting her enemies' minds in a maze in which there's no escape, or trapping her victim's mind.

In addition, unlike her father, both Regan and her half-sister Martinique have limited telepathic abilities that enable them to read their opponent's mind and make their illusions all the more accurate for it. Regan's illusions have also been shown to persist even after she has been rendered unconscious.

She also carries two handguns in the belt of her X-Men uniform.

Other versions

X-Men: The End

Regan is an ally of Mr. Sinister and works with her sister to trap various X-Men within illusions.


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