Rebeca Pous Del Toro

Rebeca Pous Del Toro
Rebeca Pous Del Toro
Birth name Rebeca Pous Del Toro
Born November 1, 1978 (1978-11-01) (age 33)
Barcelona, Spain
Genres Latin pop, pop-eurodance
Occupations singer-songwriter,
Years active 1996–present
Website Rebeca Official Site

Rebeca Pous Del Toro (born November 1, 1978 in Barcelona, Spain) is a pop-eurodance singer, producer, songwriter and actress.



She is daughter of the singer Franciska and the painter José María Pous. Rebeca's mother is the Spanish singer Franciska who was born in Barcelona to a Spanish-Valencian mother and Puerto Rican father. Eliseo Del Toro a famous Puerto Rican singer is Rebeca's uncle.[1]

Music career

She started her music career in 1996, when she was 18 years old. Her first single Más Que Un Engaño was a big hit in Spain, Latin America and U.S., while the following singles Solo Amante and Duro De Pelar, established her as a major artist in Spain and Latin America.

Her first album called Rebeca, a big success in Spain, Latin America and United States, sold 200 000 (+) and was certified 2xPlatinum in Spain. In 1997 she released her second album Rebelde, which was a big success, and was certified Gold in Spain. In 1998 she worked on the album Grease en Español and in the Grease Tour until 1999. In 1999 the album Grandes Exitos was released in Latin America and USA but not in Spain. In 2000 she released the album Brava with moderate success in Latin America and Spain. In 2002 is released the album Supernatural. She released her latest album in 2005, a greatest hits compilation called Lo Mejor De Rebeca. [1]


  • 1996: Rebeca
  • 1997: Rebelde
  • 1999: Grandes Exitos
  • 2000: Brava
  • 2002: Supernatural
  • 2005: Lo Mejor De Rebeca



  • Rebeca (1996)

1. Solo amante
2. Duro de pelar
3. No hay dos sin tres
4. Espera, chico, espera
5. Piano, Piano
6. Corazón, corazón
7. Cállate ya
8. A un paso del fin
9. Un lugar para ti
10. Mas que un engaño
11. Un llanto en occidente
12. Duro de pelar (NU-NGR MIX)

  • Rebelde (1997)

1. Todos los chicos son igual
2. Si tu te vas
3. Al cien por cien
4. Dime si me quieres
5. Mi ciudad
6. Locos por vivir
7. Nada me puede parar
8. Mensajes de amor
9. Quien- a duo con Franciska
10. Mundo feliz

  • Grandes Exitos (1999)

1. Duro De Pelar
2. Dime Si Me Quieres
3. Todos Los Chicos Son Igual
4. Corazón, corazón
5. Vas a ser mi amor - Ángel Ríos & Rebeca (from grease en español)
6. Al Cien Por Cien
7. Mas Que Un Engaño
8. Si Tu Te Vas
9. Noches de Verano - Edu & Rebeca (from grease en español)
10. Piano Piano
11. Cállate Ya
12. Nada Me Puede Parar

  • Brava (2000)

1. Yo Soy Buena
2. Mi Forma de Vivir
3. Brava
4. Declaración de Amor
5. Lo Que Paso Paso
6. La Cara Oculta
7. Noche Caliente
8. Típico, Típico
9. Mas Grandes Que el Amor
10. Fiesta en Soledad

  • Supernatural (2002)

1. Tatuaje
2. Eso no es amor
3. Supernatural
4. Eres tú
5. Tócame donde más me duela
6. Calor
7. Sábado noche
8. Vive
9. De cara a la pared
10. Simplemente amor
11. Te esperaré

  • Lo Mejor De Rebeca (2005)

1. Duro de Pelar [África 2005 RMX]
2. Tatuaje
3. Más Que un Engaño
4. Dime Si Me Quieres
5. Corazón, Corazón
6. Piano Piano
7. Si Tú Me Vas
8. Sólo Amante
9. Supernatural
10. Duro de Pelar
11. Mi Ciudad
12. Tócame Dónde Más Me Duela
13. Eso No Es Amor
14. Nada Me Puede Parar
15. Vive
16. Calor [Remix]
17. Quisiera
18. Te Esperaré
19. Todos Los Chicos Son Igual
20. Más Que un Engaño [Pop Version]

  • Matador (2010) (ep digital)

1. Matador
2. Valentino Boy
3. Much
4. Tu nombre
5. Se me olvidó

Others Songs:

  • Lo Prefiero (unreleased)
  • Que no Daría yo
  • I Love you mi vida (unreleased)
  • Mentiras de verdad (unreleased)
  • Sola (unreleased)
  • Amor Radical (unreleased)
  • Goin' you loca (con Isaak)


  • Duro De Pelar (European version)
  • Duro De Pelar (latinoamerican version)
  • Cállate Ya
  • Brava
  • Que No Daría Yo
  • Se Me Olvidó
  • Valentino Boy
  • Matador

About Eurovision

She recorded 2 songs for Eurovision 2006: Lo Prefiero and Que No Daría Yo, unfortunately, the songs were not selected to represent Spain in the Festival by TVE. This year, she is one of the participants of Misión Eurovisión 2007, a new programme to choose a song for the Eurovision Song Contest 2007. She is one of the selected singers, and has also written a song called I Love You Mi Vida. It was recorded in Sweden.

Que No Daría Yo was released in Audio and Video in the CD+DVD Disco Estrella 2006, a compilation album; this cd has sold over 100 000 copies in Spain.


  • She was born surrounded by artists like her father José aría Pous, painter, and Franciska, her mother, singer. Her cousins are the poet David Ortiz Arglero and the actor Benicio del Toro.[citation needed]
  • She has now decided to pose after she was on a reality TV show "Adventure in Africa", which made her suffer a little bit, but despite this she reached 4th position among the finalists.
  • Dance style and Spanish singer Rebeca takes her clothes off on Spanish "Interviú" magazine. [2]
  • In 1995 she worked in the film Una Pareja de Tres.
  • After releasing 5 albums and getting gold and platinum records for her sales in Spain, Mexico and USA, she now wants to conquer UK and Germany hit lists.


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