River Wylye

River Wylye

Geobox River
name = River Wylye
native_name =
other_name =
other_name1 =

image_size =
image_caption = River Wylye at Norton Bavant
country = England
country1 =
County = Wiltshire
County1 =
region = Wessex
region1 =
region2 =
district = West Wiltshire
district1 =
city = Maiden Bradley
city1 = Warminster
city2 = Codford St Peter
city3 = Wilton
city4 =
length = 45
watershed = 470
discharge_location = Chitterne Brook [http://www.wessexwater.co.uk/uploadedImages/lowflow_rivers/Amp3/figure18.jpg]
discharge_average = 0.3
discharge_max = 0.6
discharge_min = 0.1
discharge1_location =
discharge1_average =
source_name = Rodmead Farm
source_location = Maiden Bradley
source_district =
source_region =
source_state = Wiltshire
source_country = England
source_lat_d = 51
source_lat_m = 07
source_lat_s = 25
source_lat_NS = N
source_long_d = 2
source_long_m = 18
source_long_s = 11
source_long_EW = W
source_elevation = 148
source_length =
mouth_name = Confluence with River Nadder
mouth_location = Wilton
mouth_district = Wiltshire
mouth_region =
mouth_state =
mouth_country = England
mouth_lat_d = 51
mouth_lat_m = 04
mouth_lat_s = 45
mouth_lat_NS = N
mouth_long_d = 1
mouth_long_m = 51
mouth_long_s = 45
mouth_long_EW = W
mouth_elevation = 69
tributary = Chitterne Brook
tributary = River Till
tributary =
tributary =
tributary =
tributary =
free_name =
free_value =

map_size =
map_caption =

The River Wylye (pronounced 'Why-lee') is a classic southern England chalk stream; champagne clear water flowing over gravel. Consequently, it is popular with anglers keen on fly fishing [cite web | author= | title=Fishing Breaks|url=http://www.fishingbreaks.co.uk/chalkstream/wylye.htm| accessdaymonth=20 Nov | accessyear=2007 ] .


It rises just south of Maiden Bradley and after flowing through the Deverill valley, forms the southern edge of Warminster. It then heads generally east south east, forming the Wylye Valley, into which the A36 road and the Wessex Main Line are also squeezed. The river forms part of the southern edge of Salisbury Plain. It is fed by ephemeral, winterbourne streams so water flow can vary [cite web | author= | title=IUCN|url=http://www.iucn.org/themes/wani/flow/cases/UK.pdf| accessdaymonth=20 Nov | accessyear=2007 ] .

The river forms part of the River Avon catchment. At Wilton it joins the River Nadder and eventually drains to the sea at Christchurch as part of the River Avon.


In parts the river flows through various SSSI [cite web | author= | title=English Nature|url=http://www.english-nature.org.uk/About/teams/NewsDetails.asp?Id=16&NewsId=140| accessdaymonth=20 Nov | accessyear=2007 ] :
*Steeple Langford Down
*Wylye and Church Dean Downs

Wylye Valley

The Wylye valley is a picturesque valley dotted with small chocolate box villages composed of thatched cottages and stone-built pubs.


*A vineyard is located near the river's source [cite web | author= | title=W Wilts Tourism|url=http://www.westwiltshire.gov.uk/index/tourism_and_travel/places-to-visit/other-places-interest/wylye-valley-vineyard.htm| accessdaymonth=20 Nov | accessyear=2007 ] .
*Both Wilton and Wiltshire (Wilton - shire) are named after the river. There is also a village of Wylye.
*It forms one of the five rivers referred to in the novel " Sarum"


The villages located on the River Wylye include (source to confluence):
*Kingston Deverill
*Monkton Deverill
*Brixton Deverill
*Longbridge Deverill
*Norton Bavant
*Sutton Veny [cite web | author= | title=The Village of Sutton Veny, Wylye Valley|url=http://suttonveny.co.uk| accessdaymonth=13 Jun | accessyear=2008] .
*Upton Lovell
*Ashton Gifford (a Tything)
*Hanging Langford


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