An opening title for NASCAR Racers
The opening title screen for NASCAR Racers
Genre Animated Series
Directed by Dennis Woodyard
Voices of Ian James Corlett
Rino Romano
Kathleen Barr
Roger R. Cross
Andrew Francis
Paul Dobson
Dale Wilson
Ron Halder
Scott McNeil
Kirby Morrow
Composer(s) Jeremy Sweet
Country of origin  United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 26 (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Eric S. Rollman
Running time approx. 20 min.
Production company(s) Saban Entertainment
Original channel Fox (1999–2001)
Toon Disney\Jetix (2005–2008)
Original run November 20, 1999 (1999-11-20) – March 24, 2001 (2001-03-24)

NASCAR Racers is an animated television series about two rival NASCAR racing teams, Team Fastex and Team Rexcor, competing against each other in the futuristic NASCAR Unlimited Division.

26 half-hour episodes were produced by Saban, and shown on the Fox network between 1999-2001.

Several NASCAR Racers books, one Game Boy, one PlayStation, and one PC video game were adapted from the show. NASCAR Racers books were authored by Gene Hult under the name J. E. Bright, and published by HarperEntertainment. The show was produced before Fox showed NASCAR races, and the show's broadcast history only overlapped with the network's coverage of the real series for one month.


NASCAR races

While real life NASCAR tracks are mainly ovals, NASCAR Racers is anything but. The racers compete on a wide variety of courses, including road course, off-road, mountain, and Motorsphere. The Motorsphere track starts with a typical race track leading into a sphere, then tracks are wrapped around the inner surface of the sphere, which look like the AcceleDrome track from AcceleRacers.

NASCAR technology

The NASCAR Unlimited Division features cutting edge, over the top technologies (from the show's point of view). To protect drivers from crashes, each race car has an inner Rescue Racer that ejects from the outer body if an accident happens. XPT racers, introduced in season 2, are the new race cars for Team Fastex. XPT racers use atomic fuel run by forced-combustion systems. Nitro Racers contain high-flux fusion units that can get maximum power out of atomic fuel.

The change in body design from the XPT racers to the Nitro Racers was similar to the Sprint Cup transition to the "car of tomorrow". XPT racers were sleeker than the Nitro Racers and the Nitro racers were boxier than the XPTs; Similarly, the "car of tomorrow" was built to be boxier than the previous design.

The characters often race on simulators to hone their skills before actual races; this is also done by real NASCAR drivers. (Often using off-the-shelf games)

Cast and characters

Team Fastex

Megan "Spitfire" Fassler (Kathleen Barr)
Megan is the daughter of Jack Fassler, manager of Team Fastex, and the only female member of the team. First, her father disapproves about letting Megan race in the Unlimited Series for the team but changes his mind during the series while observing Megan driving the new hi-tech experimental cars. In season 2, Garner Rexton hires a woman to confuse Megan about her past telling her that she is her true mother. After that, she is starting to make a team with Eve "Wild Card" Kilder and with "Chrome", later Zorina being a part of the team. In the end, she finds out about her true past and re-joins Fastex.She has feelings for mark.
Mark "Charger" McCutchen (Ian James Corlett)
Mark is the son of Mark McCutchen senior, and an excellent driver. Mark wanted to follow his father in his racing career and so he won the cup in season 1 for Team Fastex. He's Lyle Owens's main rival even before the Unlimited NASCAR started and the team's number one driver chosen by the computer to race against Kent "Demolisher" Steele. he has feelings about Megan Fassler. In season 2, Rexton hired old racer Farrel Longstreet to make Mark feel guilty about the accident that took place when his engine started to explode.
Steve "Flyer" Sharp (Roger R. Cross)
Steve joined the U.S. Air Force years ago when a barrel exploded in his face but survived with serious brain damage. Many years after that, that explosion started to haunt him and made him vulnerable in a real race. He won the cup of the championship in season 2.
Carlos "Stunts" Rey (Rino Romano)
Carlos tries every time to win the money from NASCAR Unlimited races for his ill father. His money was stolen by a guy called Dwindling, hired by Garner Rexton. After what happened Carlos was persuaded by Rexton to win the last race of the season by betraying Fastex, but in the end he chooses his side along his team and helps Flyer win the championship. Carlos once won the first race from season 2 but as that race wasn't a qualified one by NASCAR, he didn't win any money.
Jack Fassler (Paul Dobson)
Owner of Team Fastex and adoptive father of Megan Fassler. When he chose the team for the championship in the first season, Jack disapproved only 2 things: letting Lyle Owens become a member of team Fastex and letting Megan racing for the team. Later he changed his mind about letting Megan become a member of the team as he needed a 4-man team like any other team of the championship. In episode "Hostage", Jack is kidnapped by some gang members (the gang which Junker made part of) from Garner Rexton's orders. He was saved then and also convinced Megan about her past telling the truth as she re-joined Fastex.
Douglas "Duck" Dunaka (Dale Wilson)
He is, in fact, the crew chief leader of the team but he competed for team Fastex as "Rubber Ducky" only in episode "Duck Unlimited" of season 2.
Team Fastex mechanic, hired by the team at the start of the second season.

Team Rexcor

Lyle "The Collector" Owens (Scott McNeil)
"The Collector" is Rexcor's nr. 1 driver followed by Zorina and Tanker (Tanker joined team Rexcor in season 2). He is merciless, cruel, and very arrogant with everyone, and is considered a threat by every NASCAR team. With his deadly driving skills, he "collects" almost every driver from other teams by taking a part of the car as a trophy. Lyle is "Charger" McCutchen's number one rival even when they were both in team Fastex (before joining Rexcor). Lyle's life dramatically changed in season 2 when he suffered great mutations making him stronger than any human being.
Hondo "Specter" Hines
"Specter" is one of the spookiest drivers in NASCAR. He can be quite sneaky and tries to cheat every time while his team is around. He is also very naive and makes a good team with Zorina at cheating and destroying other cars.
She is a punk rock-like driver, very ignorant and aggressive. She uses her driving skills to destroy every car around her making team with "Specter" Hines at cheating and destroying. In season 2, Garner Rexton decided to hire Tanker in the team which meant someone had to go. Unfortunately for her, Zorina was the one and made a decision by joining the Spitfire Racers, a team led by Megan Fassler.
Diesel "Junker" Spitz
Years ago, Diesel was a gang member at the grand prix, trying to sabotage enemy cars. He was still a driver then and used his stealth experience in many ways. After what happened, Diesel was found by Garner Rexton and quickly became a member of team Rexcor. He is clumsy and very slow, but still he is a noticeable member of the team, by trashing other cars.
Garner Rexton (Ron Halder)
Owner of Team Rexcor and "master puppeter" of anything suspicious in the NASCAR championship. He is a very ignorant and greedy man, using his manipulation skills to control the others around him although he was disqualified and arrested after the last race, after Carlos "Stunts" Rey told the officials everything he did.
Spex (Richard Newman)
Team Rexcor Crew Chief and Garner Rexton's right-hand man. Spex is half-human-half-cyborg using his special-inside body tools to repair any damage to other cars.
Kent "Demolisher" Steel
Kent is an android designed for the destruction of team Fastex. He first appears at the end of the first season, as a very powerful and destructive driver (with the same qualities as Collector). He later appears in episodes "Chain Reaction" as he tries to sabotage the fuel for team Fastex and the other teams, and "Rumble" as one of the drivers used for racing for the prize money.

Other characters

"Redline" O'Rourke
This unknown driver is still a mystery to many managers in the NASCAR championship. Using his extraordinary driving experience, "Redline" can get past every car he wants to, making him a strong adversary and the number-two rival to "Charger" McCutchen. He has a crush on Megan Fassler.
Phil "Octane" Knox
This challenging driver is very well known because of his car speed and power, but what the other drivers and people don't know of him is that he works for Rexcor as pretending to be Steve "Flyer's" friend by poisoning his mind with the same liquid that exploded in his face years ago when he was in the aviation forces. Steve once saved Octane while he was falling from the Motorsphere, but in the end he poisoned his mind by mistake in the last race, even before it started.
His true name is still unknown although years ago he was in the army and a very good driver and pilot (like Flyer). As Steve "Flyer's" car is modeled like a battle-jetplane, Tanker uses his tank modeled-like car to destroy all the other cars in his way. That is also the reason why Tanker has been chosen for team Rexcor in season 2. Tanker is Flyer's nr. 1 rival.
Grim Repo
This is the spookiest and most unknown racers of all (so unknown that not even his face is shown). He first appears at the beginning of season 2 together with the other 4 racers (Redline, Tanker, Chrome and Octane). He was once a member of team Rexcor in episode "Rumble" at the middle of the second season.
She is the only female member of the new drivers from season 2. She can be very intimidating although she has never been chosen for team Rexcor. In season 2 she is a member of Spitfire Racers.
Eve "Wild Card" Kildere
She was a stuntmaker like Carlos "Stunts" Rey, but later she accepted Megan's offer by joining Spitfire Racers. She was arrested for trying to kill team Fastex with some fireworks during a stunt. She was then hired by Rexcor but in the end she competed for Megan Fassler's team. She is in love with Carlos "Stunts" Rey.
Libby Fassler
Wife of Jack Fassler and adoptive mother of Megan Fassler. She was once kidnapped by some bounty hunters secretly hired by Garner Rexton, when he sent his team to investigate trying to save Libby so he can win her by his side, but then Fastex did the same thing by saving her as the bounty hunters have escaped.
Miles McCutchen
Younger brother of Mark McCutchen who aspires to race like his older sibling.
Farrell Longstreet
A former racing colleague of Mark McCutchen's father who comes out of retirement to race in the unlimited division.
Mike Hauger
A television presenter for Sports Network Interglobal Television (SNIT), alongside Pat Anther, who covers and commentates the NASCAR Unlimited Series races.
Pat Anther
A television presenter for Sports Network Interglobal Television (SNIT), alongside Mike Hauger, who covers and commentates the NASCAR Unlimited Series races.


  • Duck Dunaka was the crew chief for Team Fastex, but did race in one episode for Fastex under the name of "Rubber Ducky" in order to keep Fastex in contention for the team championship after Megan Fassler left the team upon learning that Jack and Libby Fassler were not her real parents.
  • While Eve Kildere was in jail for helping Rexcor try to kill team Fastex during a stunt, Garner Rexton fired Lyle Owens. Owens borrowed the car Eve had for her stunt show and he raced it as "Wild Card" in the final race of the first season and ultimately helped arch-rival Charger defeat Kent "Demolisher" Steele. Later, when Owens returned as "The Collector" and Eve was released, she took the car back and joined Megan Fassler's short-lived all-female race team, the Spitfire Racers, as "Wild Card".
  • In the qualifying run for the first race Lyle Owens entered for Rexcor after returning to the team, he drove a car numbered 909 (his regular number upside down) with just the Team Rexcor logo on the hood. After the run, he revealed his identity and drove his car from the previous season in the actual race and all subsequent races.
  • Late in the second season Garner Rexton hired Tanker to Team Rexcor and subsequently fired Zorina. Zorina then joined former rival Megan Fassler in the Spitfire Racers, along with Eve "Wild Card" Kildere and "Chrome", who also joined. Megan Fassler announced the Spitfire Racers would be disbanded at the end of the season as she would be rejoining Team Fastex.


Season 1

  • The Real Thing-There is a new NASCAR Unlimited Series championship, and team Fastex owner Jack Fassler has hired four racers:Mark "Charger" McCutchen, Steve "Flyer" Sharp, Carlos "Stunts" Rey and Lyle "Collector" Owens. He fired Lyle "The Collector" for disruptive racing while he seeks a contract with Fassler's nemesis, Garner Rexton, owner of Rexcor. He spies Fassler, who has finished the prototype cars. While Flyer drives his car, he loses control on the track.
  • The Stakes-Flyer manages to stop the car after losing control of it, but Jack is more concerned about letting his daughter Megan driving for the team. He finally gives her a chance reluctantly. At a banquet before the first race, Lyle challenges Mark to a race in the Rescue Racers at the quarry, and he agrees. However the race is fixed and Charger's car (podrace prototype) flies off a closed road into a river.
  • Heroes-In the first race of the series, Flyer's car becomes a time bomb and is on the verge of explosion. Megan escorts him out of the track and to an open riverbank so no one will be hurt. Stunts wins the race, and uses the prize money to help Jack pay his debts to Garner Rexton.
  • Duck Out of the Way-Megan is hurt in a race accident by Rexcor's microwave technology, and Jack blames Duck, who quits. Duck joins Rexcor, but is secretly spying on Rexcor to see if they are the ones responsible. It turns out that they have the microwave technology, and Jack and Duck have to stop Rexton from frying Fastex's cars on the next race.
  • Co-Pilot-Megan is training in the simulator when a mysterious figure meets her and asks her to drive for him against the computer. It is really Lyle Owens hacking in the simulator, and he hooks up the simulator to his car so Megan will be driving it in the next race. She will have to realize that it's all a trap by The Collector.
  • The Mission-A military intelligence officer asks Flyer to destroy a chemical warfare factory while in an off-road race. Flyer must fight his way through Van Leer's desert base, along with his friends, and destroy the chemicals.
  • Always-Lyle Owens rigs Charger's car to go out during an off-road race in Alaska. Charger encounters an airplane crash while being stranded, and a man trapped in the airplane calls out to Charger for help. The crash site, however, is decades old and is deserted. Charger wonders if it was his father.
  • Boy vs. Machine-After Miles accidentally takes over a computer-controlled car and creates chaos at the Fastex headquarters, Mark punishes him and banishes from the garage and the pits. Meanwhile, Garner Rexton schemes to reprogram the computer that controls the Motorsphere so that the sphere's morphing track will attack team Fastex cars during the next race and try to destroy them. Miles and Shelby are trapped inside the Motorsphere along team Fastex. As Fastex drivers struggle against the automated obstacles and lasers thrown at them by the Motorsphere, Miles uses his technical video game to disable the computer and save the day.
  • Pulp Faction-While training in an off-road area in the South American laguna, Libby Fassler has been kidnapped by some bounty hunters secretly hired by Garner Rexton. By trying to bring her to his side, Garner sents out team Rexcor to try to save her, the same thing which Fastex does and succeedes.
  • Daredevil-While training for some stunts, Carlos "Stunts" Rey jumps in partnership with a beautiful stunts-driver named Eve Kildere. Stunts begins falling for Eve, unaware that she's purposefully trying to lure him away from team Fastex as a way of repaying a debt she owes Garner Rexton. In the end, she changes her mind in the last minute while some fireworks have been prepared to be launched during a stunt made by team Fastex, to kill them. Scared, she jumps in a car but caught by Stunts and arrested by the police.
  • Flag Bearer-After two victories of team Rexcor (after winning Secada 500 and Tundra 2000), a new race has been prepared for both teams. Meanwhile, thieves being pursued by the police, hide a new guidance component stolen from the government in team Fastex's hauler, in Flyer's car. But when the thieves come back to take the component, Flyer's car has been painted in red and white for the "All-American"highway cross-country race (like the American flag).As the thieves no longer recognize the car, they use monster trucks, buldozers and a stolen helicopter to search for the component by destroying all cars in their way. One of the thieves tricked Hondo Hines and used his driver clothing to compete in this race as Specter of team Rexcor.
  • Every Man for Itself-The first season of the championship is getting to a closer end when Rexcor uses the new driver to compete against Fastex, the driver known as Kent "Demolisher" Steele. After Lyle Owens was fired and Steele hired, Fastex was also working on a "secret new weapon" for the last race:a supercar that pushes the performance envelope far beyond the team's regular cars. After the supercar lost control and disintegrated, Duck realized that the car was too hard to control for any human being, though Jack was very confident of victory. With the individual driving championship at stake, the Fastex drivers, each with an individual compulsion to win, no longer race as a team. Disunited, they fall easily as a prey to "Demolisher" Steele, who wins the race by destroying all Fastex cars. Garner knows that Steele will win again, because his new driver who replaces Lyle "Collector" Owens is in fact a superhuman android.
  • All or Nothing-With the last race of the championship at stake, team Fastex drivers manage to bury their differences and work as a team again. Together, they ask Jack about who is going to drive the new highly experimented car, with the driver to be chosen at random. Megan and Miles tried to convince Charger not to drive the new car being afraid that they might lose him. Meanwhile, Lyle persuaded Eve Kildere from prison to use the Unlimited Series car to re-enter the last race as "The Mysterious Wild Card".Him and Charger together defeat Steele as Fastex wins the championship.

Season 2

  • Second Chance-After Fastex's victory of the first season of the championship new drivers are in town. "Redline" O'Rourke almost had an accident while going in the wrong direction meeting up with team Fastex face-to-face. Along with him they were Phil "Octane" Knox, Chrome, Tanker and the Grim Repo who challenged the entire team to a race as Rexcor, too was going to compete. Stunts had some technical problems to the car, but with some great repairing skills from "Lugnut" Gooch, Stunts's car was back to normal and won the race for his team disgusted by Grim Repo's tangle and driving skills.
  • Toxic-A runaway reaction in a catalytic blender for the new atomic gasoline levels a fuel research lab in New Motor City, and nearly takes out Charger and Spitfire as well. Garner was disappointed by their survival as Lyle "The Collector" comes back begging Rexton for his old job back. Garner thought that Lyle could re-become "The Collector" if he takes Charger out even before the official race of the championship. As he tried to stop Charger from racing anymore, Lyle took a toxic bath while Mark was back in the race and won the first place taking the flag from Redline.
  • Payday-Though he managed to free himself from the catalytic blender, Charger was injured and couldn't race anymore for a while. That was not the only thing new because Rexcor officially declared about their new driver as the mysterious car #909. In the end, it was Lyle Owens but he was changed mutated by the toxic fuel. As the second race from the championship begins, Lyle made a promise not to let Charger win any other race again as Mark was already hard injured. Though Mark made the decision of participating at this race, he had to stay away from both Collector and Redline, as he won the race on O'Rourke's car hood.
  • Red Flag-Vanleer returned and this time he returned for revenge. After filling the top of the Motorsphere with vaporized atomic fuel, he threatens to blow up the spectator-filled arena in exchange of Flyer's surrender to him. This time Vanleer has an exo-skeleton that almost doubles his normal strength as the noble Flyer faces him alone face-to-face while the other Fastex drivers have to dodge bullets with their cars and from Vanleer's henchmen and helicopters.
  • Chain Reaction-Team Fastex took the lead for a while but something happened. Their engines started to explode becoming time bombs like Flyer's car from the first race of the first season. But they were not the only ones with engine troubles, the other drivers had problems too as The Collector took the lead and Rexcor whose engines were not affected, won. It's obvious that someone from team Rexcor has been tampering with the temperature gauges. And that someone was Kent Steel who returned for revenge being secretly sent up by Rexton to do this job. As the entire city was in danger of explosion, team Fastex had to face up Steel so he couldn't accomplish his mission.
  • Rumble-It worthed for Stunts to talk with Dwindling about the new race set up by the Caffe Million Dollar Rumble, an unofficial race at the Rexcor Raceway. On the track, team Fastex had to face a new team Rexcor for the million dollars. Kent Steel returned back to his car as "The Demolisher" alongside Tanker and the merciless Grim Repo with Lyle Owens in the lead. As Redline O'Rourke had some advantages because of his championship points which makes him the number one racer, team Fastex still had to face Junker, Zorina and Specter thanks to the remote-control devices planted under their hoods by Kent Steele disguised as Charger the night before. As Stunts won the race, he didn't get the promised money as Dwindling disappears with them.
  • Crash Course-After seven races, the XPT cars had to be replaced by the new super-high-tech Nitro Racers. The high-flux fusion of these cars get maximum power out of atomic fuel, something the old-combustion systems never could. When Flyer refused to launch his Rescue Racer in favor of attempting to save his out-of-control car, Glorie (Flyer's girlfriend) can't bear to watch him risk his life behind the steering wheel, and decides to leave New Motor City with a plane but as fate would have it, Reed, an undercover operative for Garner Rexton who has stolen one of Fastex's fusion units for Rexcor to replicate, attacks the pilot from the plane as the destination of the plane changes when a storm is announced. When Glorie calls Steve from his cellphone, he uses the new Nitro cars together with his friends to try to save the passengers, as team Rexcor tries the same thing to bring Reed to their headquarters, failing their mission.
  • El Dorado-There is a new race at the Inca 500, and Stunts takes the lead from Lyle Owens and Grim Repo. As he is in first place, he must save a man whose pickup truck rams off the Andes Mountain road course. The grateful Pablo has little to offer in debt except a golden coin and a story about a temple up in the mountains. After that, Carlos starts a treasure hunt alone being pursued by Rexcor. When the rest of the team finds out about the chase from Lugnut, they follow Stunts and try to help him defend against Rexcor drivers. After he found the temple, he is confused then captured by the villagers who are believing that Owens is their long-waited king, King Tehualpa. For him and his team-mates to be free, Stunts challenges Owens to a duel with their cars as Charger helps him win and declines the treasure. When it has come to decline, the villagers realise that their king must be pure-hearted like Stunts. When the villagers are about to offer Stunts the treasure, he declines telling them to wait for their real king to come that will lead them. After team Fastex leaves the temple, the villagers found near the treasure Stunt's hood logo from his car in rock.
  • The Wild Blue-Old racer Farell Longstreet has returned to race once again in the NASCAR championship while he meets up first with Charger and Flyer. It has been some time since Steve saved Octane's life while he was falling from the Motorsphere and they became "friends", but as what Flyer doesn't know is that Octane is secretly working for Rexcor using hallucinogenic water to poison his mind. In the next race, Flyer hallucinates that he is in a combat mission and that everyone is his enemy. With Flyer having such a disadvantage, Tanker tries to destroy him and so does team Rexcor tries with the Rexcor Crunch, but he was saved at time by Stunts. After the race, Megan receives a message from a woman that claims to be her mother.
  • Runaway-After the incident that took place in the Motorsphere, team Fastex continues to drive against Rexcor without Flyer as he is still in the hospital. After an error caused by the computer's black box of Charger's car, his car speed increased very much as he was still in the middle of a race. As he couldn't stop the car thinking that he could win the race, Charger hits Farrell Longstreet's car by injuring him hard leaving him unsconscious. Meanwhile, Megan decided that she can build a new team in the NASCAR championship as Flyer evades the hospital.
  • Duck Unlimited-After a one-on-one race "Stunts vs Mysterious Wild Card", Carlos has been wounded very badly as he needed emergency assistance. As the mysterious racer turned out to be Eve Kildere, Megan admits to her father Jack that she made her own team called "Spitfire Racers" and that Eve Kildere and Chrome are members of the team. Meanwhile, Garner Rexton decided to hire Tanker and fired Zorina as she wanted vengeance and joined "Spitfire Racers".As in the next race, team Fastex's available drivers were only Charger and Flyer, Farrell convinced from the hospital Douglas Dunaka (the crew chief of the team) that he could compete as a racer at the next track besides Mark and Steve. As Charger and Flyer were busy to help Duck "Rubber Ducky" Dunaka(#859)to escape Rexcor drivers, Megan won the race at first place for her team (Eve Kildere finished second and Redline third).
  • Hostage-The season is closing to the end as Rexton has a plan that has to deal with Junker's old underworld partners. As Jack was to the bank to lift up the money for his team, he was kidnapped by the gang members as Zorina herself during a race against Stunts on the motorcycle, was kidnapped and persuaded by Rexton to secretly drive for Rexcor again. As she didn't had a choice and accepted Rexton's offert, after Megan and team Fastex found out about Jack's problems, they decided to rescue him as Junker hasn't been caught with his gang partners but decided to remain a driver as he is.
  • Last Chance-As Tanker won the previous race against Flyer for Rexcor, Fastex was worried about losing the championship as Rexton's team and the other drivers are more advantaged at championship points. As Stunts was persuaded by Rexton to help Rexcor win the last race as he was trying to find a way to help his ill father from the hospital, Flyer found out about Octane poisoning his water with hallucinogenic substances as the last race started. Garner had a mental advantage, about cheating and trying to destroy team Fastex with his undercover team (Dwindling, Megan's impostor mother, Octane,) and Farrell Longstreet who promised not to work for Rexcor ever again as he competed in the last race when Charger was injured again against Collector and Specter. With obstacles from Rexcor in every direction, will team Fastex survive and win?

Video game

A video game was published in 2001 for PlayStation, PC and Game Boy Color by Electronic Arts and developed by Hon2 Games Inc.

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