Ŝ or ŝ (S circumflex) is a consonant in Esperanto orthography, representing a voiceless postalveolar fricative (either palato-alveolar or retroflex); that is, either IPA2|ʃ or IPA| [ʂ] .

Esperanto orthography uses a diacritic for all four of its postalveolar consonants, as do the Latin-based Slavic alphabets. Letters and digraphs that are similar to "ŝ" and represent the same sound include Czech, Slovak, Slovene and Croatian "š" and English "sh."

It is used in (standard of transliteration into Latin characters of Cyrillic characters) for letter Щ.

ee also

* Ĉ
* Ĝ
* Ĥ
* Ĵ
* Ŭ

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