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name = CUE
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launch = 1996
closed date =
picture format = PAL
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network =
owner = Mercury TV Ltd.
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former names = Mercury TelevisionSouthland TV
replaced names =
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timeshift names =
web = [ Official Site]
terr serv 1 = Analogue
terr chan 1 = VHF channel 5
Invercargill area
sat serv 1 = SKY Network Television
sat chan 1 = Channel 110
sat serv 2 = Freeview
sat chan 2 = Channel 23
cable serv 1 =
cable chan 1 =
sat radio serv 1 =
sat radio chan 1 =
adsl serv 1 =
adsl chan 1 =
online serv 1 =
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CUE is a regional television station in New Zealand which started in October 1996 as Mercury Television. The original majority shareholder in Mercury TV was the CRT (Combined Rural Traders) co-operative, before the station was sold to Family Television Network and then West Media 175, a company based in the United Kingdom with New Zealand broadcasting assets. Eventually in 2003, the company was sold to General Manager Tom Conroy, who now acts as Managing Director for the station.

In 2003 the station was rebranded as Southland TV and the station went nationwide when it launched on the Sky Digital network on Channel 90. In March 2007 Southland TV was rebranded as CUE 110, the name change coincided with Sky TV relocating most of their channels on the Sky Digital network.

In December 2007, Cue TV became available on the Freeview platform making it available on VHF, as well as, both of the main digital platforms in New Zealand.

Around 50% of the programming revolves around SIT2LRN multimedia distance learning provided by the Southern Institute of Technology. In addition the station broadcasts a local bulletin of news, weather, lifestyle and sport each weeknight called 'South Today', live talkback and programmes from various other regional stations. International content is provided via satellite from Deutsche Welle in Germany.

Cue TV simulcasts on VHF5 in the Invercargill region, broadcasting from their transmitter on Forest Hill. The signal is prone to interference, especially during winter, and ongoing problems with the transmitter itself makes receiving the channel from Sky Digital (or Freeview) the preferred choice. Mercury TV, in 1996, was the last regional broadcaster in New Zealand to be awarded a VHF licence, with all new stations then broadcasting on UHF.


# [ SKY Network Television]

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