Rhum gasfield

Rhum gasfield

The Rhum Gas Field is located convert|240|mi|km north-east of Aberdeen in 109 metres (350 ft) of water. Gas production and export began on 20 December 2005

Development of the Rhum project was circa £350 million. Prior to the start of production, Rhum was the largest remaining undeveloped gas reservoir in the UK Continental Shelf. The partners in the Rhum field are BP (Operator) 50% and Iranian Oil Company UK Limited (A subsidiary of the National Iranian Oil Company) 50%.

The Rhum field is a high temperature, high pressure reservoir, experiencing down-hole temperatures of 150 degrees Celsius and pressures of 12,700psi. For comparison purposes, the Bruce gas field, records temperatures of 99 degrees Celsius and pressures of 6,000psi.

Rhum, which lies in block 3/29, was discovered in 1977 by well 3/29a-2. An earlier well (3/29-1) which was drilled in 1973, was abandoned due to the high pressure gas. With the combination of a high pressure, high temperature (HPHT) gas reservoir developed using a long distance subsea tie-back, exploitation of Rhum is regarded by BP as a world first.

Plateau production of 300 million standard cubic feet a day is expected from the field. Rhum is expected to access recoverable reserves of 800 billion cubic feet of gas (23 billion cubic metres).

The field is tied back to the BP-operated Bruce platform via a 28 mile (44km) export line which involves a convert|22|in|mm|sing=on High Integrity, Pressure Protection System (HIPPS) protected pipe-in-pipe main pipeline. New gas processing facilities were installed on the existing Bruce Compression Reception Centre (CR) platform to process gas from Rhum. Gas is exported onwards from Bruce via the Frigg pipeline system to St Fergus and associated condensate will be piped via Bruce into the Forties Pipeline System.

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